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Breaking News

He had much to worry about, he was on a short list of the good guys, acting on morals above the governmental laws and in the public eye. He was in a select group and it carried a heavy weight on his shoulders. Orion was Earth's closest thing to a real Superman they had and he was not hearalded by the United Nations or the US Government. He was a wanted fugitive, but deemed a low risk priority, mainly on account that some people realized that with out him the world would be a worse place. This weighed heavy on his mind everytime he donned the suit in both worlds. Orion had a secret identity; a day job...Cop... and he struggled with his fugitive monicor. It was nigts like this that he thought long and hard about going out into the night, but he felt the wrongs happening so close it was irresistable to ignore.

Orion was the hunter, the protector of the weak. He hunted evil with reckless abandon and tonight tugged at his entrails like a greasy pastrami sandwich slopped in gravy. It sounded like a good idea but in the end would turn out to be the shits. He put on the suit and mask anyway and flew from the roof exit.

Orion's powers were that of walking Gods...Gods that once walked the Earth, Gods that lived for hundreds of years, Gods, that myths were created on, fighting terrible evils unleashed on the world before the written word.  The source of Orions power was ancient, a power unseen for 7000 years and released back unto the world into a vessel of special lineage. Orion was the bringer of Justice, but long ago he had another name...

Some time ago...Jake O'Brennan was on the call to a breaking and entering, and old museum storage facility in Queens, he and his partner rolled to the call as men were carrying boxes out of the front doors. It was then that Jake first heard the call, "Seek me out, I need your help...don't let them take me..."

Words were said...guns were drawn...shots were the end of it all a beast of a man with a scarred face and shoulders like an gorilla chargerd Jake and his partner Kerry.  Bullets seemed to have no affect on the bruiser. He ran straight at officer Kerry, Jake screamed, but it did no good...he was the help. Her back was broke and torn assunder, the creature lept through the air, 40 feet to land in front of Jake.  He was picked up and thrown through the now unhinged door of the storage room, knocking over the man bringing out the next crate and breaking the box, scattering people everywhere. Jake couldn't feel much at that point, broken, and unable to stand he heard the voice again,"I'm here, take me and we can stop them"...he looked and a crystal skull was laying in a heap of broken wood that he had crushed from the impact of the beastly throw. Jake reached out to the skull and fumbled at its surface, instantly charged to what you see before you, such power, so intense. The beast man flew through the door and took one swipe at Jake.  His jaw was struck and he feared he would fly back another twenty feet, but the inertia was halted somehow, absorbed, and there was no pain, only strength, strength enough to break this animal to the ground...he grabbed the fucking animal by the throat and squeezed. It clawed and raged until fear glazed in its eyes, until the breath and fetterred useless beating of his hands had stopped. He heard the voice again,"Do not let rage control your actions, he must be rightfully punished for his crimes as a man, not a wild beast. Bring him to justice, you can still save your friend...hurry." The speed of the wind was his movement, picking up Kerry. What happenned next Jake could not explain, except that the skull glowed and Kerry regained consciousness with Jake holding her tenderly. She would not walk again but she was alive.

Jake thought about that night often, hearing the voice, the wisdom, the higher authority.  Tonight its calling was heard, so he flew off into the night.
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Re: Breaking News

'World powers fear the prospect of a government "massacre" in Aleppo, the sprawling and densely populated Syrian city where rebels braced for more clashes with government forces Friday.

One rebel commander said plans were under way to send 300 more fighters to bolster forces in the city, where 18 of 22 rebel brigades are located. Another, Mustafa Abdullah, told CNN that rebels have set up medical clinics in Aleppo homes and have plans to transport and evacuate anyone who is wounded.

"They (government forces) want to surround Aleppo completely and send support from all sides, then start shelling rebel-controlled areas and hospitals," Abdullah said.

He spoke as throngs of protesters marched down Aleppo streets Friday, chanting and carrying signs, saying, "we stand for all the Syrian devastated cities" and "we are all Syrians." '-CNN

'Syrian rebels fight through grief, pride

Syria's violence and 'street of death'

Filmmaker documents violence in Syria   Syrians surround a U.N observer vehicle after placing the bodies of a girl and man on the car in Houla on Saturday, May 26, 2012. The photo is from the opposition Shaam News Network. Forty-nine children were among the 108 slaughtered in Houla on Friday, May 25, U.N. monitors say. The massacre in Houla, a suburb of the anti-government bastion of Homs, has reignited international fury against Bashar al-Assad's regime.  The body of a slain Syrian child lies next to other shrouded bodies at a hospital mortuary in Houla on Saturday in another photo from the opposition Shaam News Network. Al-Assad's regime insists it is not behind the massacre and blames terrorist groups. Syria has attributed violence on "armed terrorist groups" throughout the 14-month-old uprising.  Bodies of children lie in a Houla hospital morgue before their burial Saturday in another photo from Shaam News Network. Images from the town show a room crammed with mangled and bloody bodies of children -- some with their skulls torn open.  U.N. observers visit a hospital morgue in Houla on Saturday before the burial of massacre victims. Opposition activists and residents blame al-Assad's regime for the bloodbath.  A Houla resident shows a body to a U.N. observer at a mosque in the central Syrian town. Some U.N. Security Council members condemned the attacks "that involved a series of government artillery and tank shellings on a residential neighborhood" as well as killings of civilians by close-range gunshots.  Syrians gather at a mass burial Saturday in Houla. "Those responsible for these brutal crimes must be held accountable," Kofi Annan, the U.N.-Arab League special envoy, said in a statement. Massacre in SyriaMassacre in SyriaMassacre in SyriaMassacre in SyriaMassacre in SyriaMassacre in SyriaMassacre in

Massacre in Syria And as demonstrations continued, President Bashar al-Assad's forces shelled neighborhoods in Aleppo with helicopters, according to the opposition Local Coordination Committees of Syria. Regime forces fired at protesters coming out of the Al-Ghafran Mosque in the city's Khaldieh district, the LCC said.

Syrian state TV said "special security authorities" destroyed five pickup vehicles equipped with machine guns used by "terrorists" in the Aleppo countryside. The report said people in the vehicles were killed and injured.

Six of 40 people slain in Syria on Friday were from Aleppo province, the LCC said. The day before, 48 of the 200 people killed in Syria violence were also from the Aleppo region, the first time since the uprising started that the region led in the number of deaths in a single day.' -CNN
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Re: Breaking News
..." (Amun) who comes at the voice of the poor in distress, who gives breath to him who is wretched..You are Amun, the Lord of the silent, who comes at the voice of the poor; when I call to you in my distress You come and rescue me...Though the servant was disposed to do evil, the Lord is disposed to forgive. The Lord of Thebes spends not a whole day in anger; His wrath passes in a moment; none remains. His breath comes back to us in mercy..May your ka be kind; may you forgive; It shall not happen again...The voices were cries of help and he couldn't stand by...his new name was fitting in this world...Orion hunted the oppressors to protect the weak...they were one now, after years of trial...Amun completely gave over and was subsumed by the spirit, the power of a God rested in this Mortal.  Jake O'Brennan was a great man, worthy of this bestowment...the cries of the weak would be answered...

Orion was gone in an instant moving like a blazing comet his flight faster than sound, attuned to the gravitations rotation of the Earth, he sped off at over 10,000miles per hour, choosing to hurl himself opposite of the Earth, doubling his speed to over 20,000 miles per hour, but seconds were long moments in war and not a shred of a heart beat could be spared. He landaded with out sound, attuning himself to the mass of Earth he sent a shockwave to the tanks and vehicles up-ending them. Orion pulled at the sky, attuning his energies to the weather, he would let nature take its course and brought a sand storm to blind the fighters and rebels alike.  Raising himself above the masacre, he created lightning, hurling it with precision. He channelled bolt after bolt grounding every piece of aircraft.  The fighting pulled back after the awesome show of nature and Orion decended into the ravaged town.  The people flocked to him, feeling that he was their savior, his protection pulled at their hearts, fear would not stop them from comingn to him, the wounded walked, the weak were strong and carried the weaker. In his presence they were safe...he walked them out of the safety...every last commoner.