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Magnus the retired
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Sat 18 Jun 2011
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Mission Brief
Mission 1
1. Assemble a team, and get them to the Arsenal.
2. Train the group to work together.
3. Investigate the research and come up with a plan to deal with South America
4. Talk with Colonel Sharp and gather intelligence.

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Seeker of Truth
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Wed 25 Jan 2012
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Re: Mission Brief
Mission 2
1. Earl Tibbs is in trouble, locate and get him to safety.
2. Avoid causing an uncontrollable situation that would draw attention.
3. Deal with a serious potential threat to the team's safety, and deal with the Magi Hunter.
Seeker of Truth
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Wed 25 Jan 2012
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Re: Mission Brief
Mission 3
1. Make it to South America safely and undetected.
2. Find site of the first research expedition.
3. Find cause of disappearance.
4. Locate what is left of crew and bring them to safety.
5. Research local anomolies.