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Chapter 3: The Secrets Within
Now the team got closer to their task...Where was Xuan's mother? They were sent to this place to rescue the sanctioned research team, headed by an off shoot special ops division, that seemed as if more than one of their team was personally intertwined in the events of the strange disappearance and infliction upon the land.  Kirby's family was also involved and events here at the plantation seemed to be dire indeed. He was not willing to leave his grandfather and grandmother alone in their weakened conditions. Max and Orlando were able to offer support to Kirby.  It was here that the team decided to split up, to protect their base of operations at the Jhandi and strike out to find more information on their mission.


     Aeviternus was searching out into the local fauna to see if he were able to gleam any clues, while his counterpart Xuan guarded a new foe for information.
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Thu 29 Sep 2016
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Chapter 3: The Secrets Within
      So thirsty...thought Tiengue. He was not in his hole, but he was captured.  These poor souls must have been his target, miraculous that they servive still.  The demon was no longer in him, he had control over his body and mind once again, if only for a moment, he would count his blessings.  Every moment was precious when he was in control.
     Water...he said, and the man gave him water. This stranger was attuned to water, and blessed by the warrior.  He is probably the guardian, and not of Dragon Clan or Demon Clan, he watches me like a cat to mouse, ready to pounce. He didn't know that he was a cat and I the mastiff. The chains, he felt their metal, and the weight holding them down...ordinary metal...shen should know better. If he is this stupid then the demon is close.
     "Mask is bad...who?" Tiengue rasped voice soft.

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Xuan Tien John Wu
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Sat 1 Oct 2016
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Chapter 3: The Secrets Within
Xuan tried to hide his surprise. The surprise was maybe the fact that the captive spoke, or possibly the foreign, childlike way in which he spoke. It could have just been the man's confusion that in turn confused Xuan. Either way, he did his level best to restrain his eyebrows from moving and his eyes narrowing. Give nothing away that you don't want your opponent to know or think. It was a strategy scored deep into Xuan's mind; that battles were fought just as much mentally as they were physically, and power should never be given away without first having full trust. This was a often a slow process, as Xuan had already expressed with Aeviternus. Only recently had he relented with the ancient boy.

"Who indeed," he mused aloud. "Can you be more specific with your question?"

Xuan replenished the water-sphere as he volleyed a question back. Someone of that size no doubt needed a barrel full, and his voice hinted at the necessity of it. But then, Xuan wasn't sure he wanted the giant recovering too quickly either. He would have to be discerning with the amount of water he shared.
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Sun 2 Oct 2016
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Chapter 3: The Secrets Within
In reply to Xuan Tien John Wu (msg # 3):

     Tiengue searched for the correct words; he was not accustomed to speaking and found it hard to articulate his thoughts. He wondered if this Shin spoke his dialect.  These people were in danger. It would be so much easier if they took over his mind. "No touch mask. It hurt bad. Who touch mask?" Tiengue said in broken toddler Chinese. He looked around swiveling his head side to side to see his surroundings. He was not in a cell or a prison, yet he tested his bonds lightly. It appeared that they had put a machine over him to give weight to the shackles of iron.

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Mon 3 Oct 2016
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Chapter 3: The Secrets Within
Wondering if the parallel between woman and land correlated with the dichotomous vitality before him, Aeviternus pondered, there at the tips of branches cresting the tallest trees, if the answer might actually still lie directly within Eh-eh.  What did the sun and vibrancy at the literal top of the forest represent; her mind?  Her soul?  Were there layers to that which he could explore upon her locally or was the answer still out here in the expanse of the Kanhi Jahndi?  He watched the finch flutter off before looking back to the plantation where she rested, trying to decide if the bird had led him already to what he needed to see or if it had more tale to tell.  The look back towards the house was instinctive as he pushed his thoughts out into the air, asking her for further guidance.

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Xuan Tien John Wu
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Wed 12 Oct 2016
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Chapter 3: The Secrets Within
Xuan tensed slightly as the captive tested his confines. Was it enough? He was a big guy, and might be strong enough to cast aside a tractor if he was as strong as he looked. He searched halfheartedly for another tractor as he considered the man's reply, settling a hopeless glance on one of the vehicles nearby. Perhaps more water for the big man was not a good idea after all.

Letting the water sphere collapse, Xuan returned his attention to his big problem. "None have touched the mask, but it has been taken." He considered the poor speech of the man and rephrased. "Not touch mask. Safe."

He hoped it was safe at any rate. His words may have been as much to console himself as the man before him.
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Sat 15 Oct 2016
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Chapter 3: The Secrets Within

      These people were not like his masters, yet they kept him chained. If the mask was not destroyed these people were in trouble and Tiengue didn't plan to be around when they arrived. Their retribution would be terrible. "Peeo...ople in trouble, mask ahhliiivve, Masters come," Tiengue said trying out new words for the first time. He flexed and broke the chains sitting up.

      Bewildered, he laid in the same spot, still chained. They did not break, and he bellowed using all his strength, the chains snapped taught with a chunk groaning and scrapping. EEoowwgh, he shook and slammed against the ground. The chains did not break. Tiengue was dumbfounded. He lay there for a moment, breathing heavily before he spoke,"let Tiengue go." The man's arms were as thick around as Xuan's body, if he were to get his hands on him, the lithe Chinese man's bones would be crushed.

      Tiengue's breathing calmed he now had a new plan.

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