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Magnus the retired
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Sat 18 Jun 2011
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Posting Guidelines
I would like to create some continuity in the reading and writing, keeping  intentions clear please follow the guidelines below:

Please try to write the majority of your posts using third person as if a story was being told.

OOC Text should be in private lines.

Unspoken thoughts should be written in italics

"Spoken words should be placed inside quotes" and highlighted in a color.  Try to keep the color of your character's text the same to help flow and identification.

Mechanics should be written in a private line to the GM.  This includes posting rolls made in combat.

Please refrain from assuming during your narrative that you hit and did gobs of damage.  State your intention not the effect. The defender will describe the damage done.
(ie. A "hit" would look like this: "X's energy blast toward the target's skull.  Let's see him deal with that."
"X's energy blast towards the target's skull, blowing it to peices and spraying blood across the wall!!!"
The former allows for defensive adjustment, the latter could possibly require future editing :)

Any other conventions you use are fine with me so long as the intention is clear.1

1. Thatguy2-playing mechanics and game design.

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Seeker of Truth
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Tue 5 Jul 2011
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Re: Posting Guidelines
Frequency of posting would be good at least 3 times per week with weekend posting being optional.

If you are going to be gone for 2 days or more please post in the absences thread.
Seeker of Truth
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Wed 25 Jan 2012
at 05:09
Re: Posting Guidelines
General Combat Posting Guidelines:

1st-Descriptive text, inner thoughts, describing your action in an comic book fashion, dialogue with a character, describing a power, etc.

2nd-Private to me, direct action dialogue, mechanics type stuff, your table with adjustments from previous round, and any rolls that are pertinent. The rolls that should be included:
-skill checks
-to hit
-location (this is important, role for location, then describe your action in a way that makes us believe you ment to do that. Example, everyone wants to hit the head and torso, but if you role right leg: "Faking out the goone, DBob feinted with a slash and used a rounding spin trip trying to knock his opponent off balance, etc.)
-damage from attack(if successful or not, never ever assume you hit or missed, let me do that, there are always modifiers)
-And appropriate Combat Modifier choice (CM) with roles if they are required for that CM

3rd-Questions- please seperate this from #2 by a couple of return clicks, it is cleaner for me to read. Questions can be private or just OOCd if you want.  Sometimes your questions are good for everyone. You can also include a skill check if this pertains to your question.
Seeker of Truth
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Wed 25 Jan 2012
at 05:13
Re: Posting Guidelines
General Thread Posting

1) Spoken words in consistent color, one per character, preferably in quotes. Jack yelled, "Get down!"

2) Each PC uses their own color.

3) Italics in plain text are for thoughts. I can't believe this is happening again. thought Jack.

4) Italics within speech indicate inflection. "Did you really just say that?"

5) Orange is usually used for OOC comments, generally because it matches the PM color.

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