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Training Rules
Skills, Must make a roll to attempt to improve before you can.
Universal skills do not require a trainer but having a trainer improves your chances.
It takes a Minimum of 2 hours a day (max of 4 hours a day per subject) and a minimum of 20 accumulated Hours in study/training to make an attempt to "learn"/improve the skill.

      1: While you could study 1 subject for longer than 2 hours, you can not gain any more benefit than 4 hours a day for any one skill/subject. The Mind and body need time to assimilate the process.

      2: The study process can not be interrupted by more than 1 day. If it is interrupted by more than 1 day (more than 1 day of study is missed) all previous Study time is lost and must be restarted.

      3: The rigors of Traveling all day prevents proper study of any subject save for Languages that can be shared from one to another. If you have time to truly take your leisure and stop to examine and properly discuss/research the subject, this will delay/extend your travel time, but you could accomplish some study at this point. If you are riding in a wagon, and have the proper Materials to study a subject (non physical in nature, you can not learn sneaking or combat style things while in a wagon) You Can study, but will only gain benefit from half the amount of time studied, due to the Jostling and bumping down the road. Even then you can only gain at most 4 hours of study under these circumstances.

Your chances of learning a Universal Skill are based on your skill subtracted from 100 and divided by 2.
Your intelligence can affect your chance to Learn a Skill. Subtract 10 from your Main intelligence attribute (do not count the fractional part) and then multiply by 5. This is your modifier to your chance to learn. A Character with a 16 Intelligence would have a (16-10=6x5=30) +30 to their Chance o learn. A Character with a 8 Int would have a (8-10=-2x5=-10) -10 penalty to their Chance to learn.

For universal skills:
If you Are learning under a trainer, you get a Minimum of a +40 to the learn ability. (if you have a particularly Intelligent/Wise or masterful teacher you may get a higher bonus. With out a teacher (But still having proper resources to study/train with) You have a +25 to the chance. Without proper resources to Study/train with you are at Base Chance to the learn ability.

Non Universal skills are 1 step down in difficulty to learn.. So you get a +25 to learn with a teacher and a Base chance without one but with proper resources. Without resources you can not attempt a Non -universal skill.

If you want to "learn" from one another, the Teaching player requires at least a 51% or greater in the skill to be taught. and their Int and Wisdom May modify your chances.

If you fail your initial attempt to learn, you gain another attempt with each additional 4 hours study/training. (though this may cost additional for supplies and teachers.

Proficiencies Do require a trainer.
These also require a Minimum of 2 hours a day and require a Learn check same as a Universal skill.

Specialization Does require training as well. Use the Rules for training skills, though specialization counts as a non universal Skill and each Rank of Spec counts as 20% of a skill ( So for the First +1 in each category of specialization you would have a Base 50% chance to learn with a trainer. at +2 you would have a 40% chance and so forth.)

Abilities/Stat may be increased as well with Proper time spent working on such. Treat Physical stats (Str, Dex, Con) as Universal Skills but Mental Stats (Int, Wis, Cha) as Non-universal. Your base chance to succeed is (20-Stat)x5. so a stat of 15 would have a base 25% chance of successfully being improved. (20-15=5x5=25). Again, Instructors and proper Materials have an effect on your chance.

If you fail the first learn check at the 20 Hour mark, You can continue to train/study and get an Additional Attempt each additional 4 hours spent. Though this may cost you extra depending on the teacher.

Talents Do Not Require training. But you need to give me a "Reasonable" reason why your character could/would Should Have such a talent after creation.
"He just never realized he was a Fast healer" is not a good Answer.
"He has a High Con and and it just increased to the next full point, or some event in the game(you wound need to specify a reasonable event) triggered his high con to start functioning that way" Would be a Better explanation.

Spells It takes 1 hour + 1 hour per level of a spell to Identify the spell in a spell book. This is due to the fact that spells are an accumulation of personal notes and short hand. If a Mage Continues to study a spell, beyond just Identifying it, without study interruption as per skills, He may add the Identification time to the total study time to learn the spell. The Total time it takes to attempt to learn a Spell is 10 Hours + 1 hour per level of the spell.

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Re: Training Rules
Okay, I am going to make a slight change to the training rules.

you can train with breakage in consecutive days of training, and can train in 1 hour increments in a day, but will require 40 hours of accumulated training.

IF you are doing Any kind of Training/Studying,

I would like you to Be Indicating What you are training in section near the bottom of your character sheets, here on the forums, in a section I have added. I will try to update your accumulated Hours of training for that subject so that we both know where you are.

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