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The Realm Ascendent - The state of the World
The Realm has stood strong for almost 800 years since the Scarlet Empress took control of the Sword of Creation and drove back the Wyld, the Fair Folk, and the Great Contagion.

It is now the Realm Year 762, and the Scarlet Empire is at its strongest. While rumors grow of terrible events in the Threshold, the Empress seems unworried by these tales, and assigns the Immaculate Order to investigate claims of Anathema raising armies and making alliances with the Dead.

Seven years ago, when celebrating a new birth to V'Neef's growing household, an attempt was made by a detestable Akuma on the life of V'Neef and her newborn son. Seven years ago, a kingdom in the eastern Threshold was overrun, an ally of the Realm left in ashes. Seven years ago, a lost egg was found, who has many questions now as to who she really is...

These events are not by chance. Ancient forces conspire, legends long forgotten return. The Wheel of Fate turns toward an inevitable future.

What tales will they tell?

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