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Fri 15 Mar 2019
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IC: Weekend nights game, Paizo season 6 modules
I have a 2 page system that can be expanded with greater detail, including a conflict resolution system that works for non-combat as well.

On the Sandbox vs Railroad scale, I'll be running this in a more focused direction, following the stories of the season 6 paizo modules.

Initially, it'll be just the 2 page core of the system, which is naturally more open, yet more reliant on gm adjudication.

Each module will add a new rules expansion (for example, a more traditional combat system, or a more detailed magic system, etc), following feedback on which rules to explore next.

This'll be weekends only, I'll be on at night time in America, so we can either do a lot of posting on sat or sun, or it can just be a two-posts per week game, depending on the players.

Though it will be paizo modules, it'll be a custom setting because I don't Golarion that well, and I'm looking to flesh out my setting anyway. The stories will still be pretty the original though.

The system is a roll high system, and indeed, if you know d20 and the 3d6 and variable modifiers variant rules, you'll have a good start on understanding the system structure.

If you don't like the idea, let me know why. What turns everyone away is as good to know as knowing what grabs attention.

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