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Mon 18 Mar 2019
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IC: Fantasy dungeon rules-lite. Cube movie meets Arcanum VG
So I have an itch to run a diceless game, and moreover one that I get to create and explain. The idea of creating something is just appealing right now, though I know published content I could read would be much more robust.

I have an idea for a gritty medieval fantasy game that's based largely off the cube movie (the original), but also the PC game Arcanum: of Steamworks anbd Magicka. (see later of Arcanum)

Strangers wake up in a room with only their clothes, and in this case innocuous items. They, of course, could have any manner of wealth or abstract background, but nothing inherently magical (flight, teleportation, super strength). None of this would matter in the dungeon, but could be interesting in conversation.

The difference between cube and this, would be that things could be salvaged, such as say a flame trap, once encountered, could be located, outsmarted/disabled, and used for parts. Such as in the flame trap case, melting a web with spiders in it.

Instead of inherent powers, as mentioned above, there would be some semi-magical items that could be makeshift from recipes...and this where the boons part comes in.

This is the Arcanum reference, I just love the recipes and would like to see them used in a game of my design.

If this were face to face, I could print these recipes out on cards and hand them to each player, and they could share or keep that information to themselves. Essentially, recipes to make either magi-tech or purely mystical items. Such as a tincture of strength, or motorized blade.

Essentially, this would be free-form persuasion, "convince me of how to overcome this obstacle" but the boons would allow certain stunts or actions automatically, without need for creativity or persuasion.

A motorized blade might have three uses; kill a dangerous (but not more difficult) creature, make a hole in a wall, or destroy a mechanical based trap. The blade might used fuel, or need time to reset, or something like that, but there would be a limited use function of it. Maybe it just needs to be cleaned, as I imagine it would get gummed up.

I don't know if this would be fun, and I don't know if there's already a rules-lite system that is an easy read that allows for persuasion "convince your GM by description" but also some automatic actions with limited use.

f you do mentioned a system, make sure it's the design of the system to accomadate this. Don't like, mention D&D and said "it could work" well ANY system could work if I totally ignore it and make up my own stuff...that's..sort of why I am. :p

Is anyone interested?

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