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Thu 29 Mar 2018
at 23:01
Itching to run Cortex Plus / Prime
I'm not sure what setting, but I'm feeling a West Marches style campaign using Cortex Plus/Prime as the engine. Depending on the setting, I'll probably hack things a little bit at least, but since my last "PbP-proof" campaign fell kinda flat, I'm hoping I can pick up more of the responsibility of running enemies this time around. Settings I've got in mind, from mostly-prepped to least:

Dresden Files
Exalted (of some kind, will likely be run with Exalted: Blood and Fire)
Sci-fi Mercenaries (I mostly-worked out a hack for Planet Mercenary that could be fun)

I'm also open to hearing what settings people would like to play, maybe we can work out something that is unrelated to the above list.

Thoughts? Preferences? I may be a few weeks before I have a game ready.
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Sat 31 Mar 2018
at 00:08
Itching to run Cortex Plus / Prime
I would be down to play in the Dresden File setting; not sure about the others yet.

I don't have preference between Plus and Prime, I've only played with the Marvel version of Plus, but I do have backed Prime...
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Sun 8 Apr 2018
at 05:17
Itching to run Cortex Plus / Prime
I'm not all that familiar with "West Marches" is that basically a game with a ton of characters and a number of IC threads?

I am however very familiar with Cortex Plus and Prime, and am loving all of those setting ideas especially Overwatch, but I know diddly about Exalted.
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Mon 9 Apr 2018
at 15:03
Itching to run Cortex Plus / Prime
West Marches is the name of a famous internet campaign, where lots of PCs were allowed to pop in and out of the story, basically playing with whatever party members showed up. I'm planning on doing something similar here, where the PCs are a loosly affiliated group, set in an open world where they can go places and advance the story however they please. So the PCs can split up, go different places, explore, whatever. This somewhat mitigates some of the problems of PbP, in that if someone doesn't post, their PC just wanders off after that Scene (and the GM may do with them what they wish, MUWAHAHAHA), and the larger narrative continues with the PCs that are still participating, and folding in any new characters as we go.

Exalted is something of a kitchen-sink setting. Largely anime-inspired fantasy, but with elements from a great many genres represented, and many campaign styles possible. The part I like most is that the setting more or less allows PCs to do whatever they can imagine, and the system allows the same, so there's plenty of room for custom builds and I shouldn't have to say, "no" all too often.

I'm considering opening the game up without a setting in mind, and the first group of players that show up can decide where they'd like to play.