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Sat 2 Jun 2018
at 22:09
IC: D&D 5 Thematic game: Positive Plane as a power source
I am considering a thematic game involving a rare religious order in a distant monastery built around a small aperture into the Positive Material Plane and the (force based) religion that has developed around it.

Classes permitted would be Light Domain Clerics, Sun Soul Monks, Celestial sources Sorcerers and Warlocks(Tome/Blade only) and Zealot Barbarians. basically any Radiance or Radiance/Healing class Path I could find that's been made official.

Given the nature of acquiring power from a Force source, Background options would, perforce, be limited:
Clerics: Acolytes
Monks: Hermit or Acolyte
Sorcerers: Hermit or Sage
Tome Warlocks: Sage
Blade Warlocks: Spy variant of Criminal, as the group trained for action out int he world (as well as to provide basic thief skills to the group)
Zealot Barbarian: Soldier as the Temple Guardians/Muscle.

Right now I'm exploring the viability of the theme, although any campaign, assuming sufficient interest, would likely involve Undead, Necromancers, and/or Negative Plane critters and beings causing havoc on a large scale. there any interest in something like this, or is it  best left as a mental exercise for me to ponder when I'm bored?
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Sat 2 Jun 2018
at 23:22
IC: D&D 5 Thematic game: Positive Plane as a power source
I think this could be a really good campaign, particularly as it looks like you are at least allowing a, if not actively trying to, step away from the usual lockstep of 'positive' energy and good alignments.

Somewhere in the 8th level range gives a good variety of undead options or lightweight undead modifications to other threats, assuming you don't want to be using nothing but kobold zombies as the villains of the entire game.
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Sun 3 Jun 2018
at 02:06
IC: D&D 5 Thematic game: Positive Plane as a power source
Good wouldn't be a requirement of Positive Energy, by any means, but the religion would be non evil, certainly. Law and Chaos would vary by class as well as individual. Monks aren't going to be Chaotic, for instance, and Barbarians aren't going to be particularly Lawful, although, as temple guards, Chaotic isn't likely for them, either. I'll have to think on that.

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Sun 3 Jun 2018
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IC: D&D 5 Thematic game: Positive Plane as a power source
Lawful can be considered more like OCD, where following one's morality is almost an obsession or compulsion rather than a "respect the rules/law" thing. Not only does that make more sense for shy monks and paladins are required to lawful, but it also opens the door for chaotic people to believe in and be dedicated to something, because chaotic in this case would be more like someone who "lives in the moment," absent-minded, easily distracted, etc, which are thjngs that make being a monk impossible but doesn't impact belief or dedication to a cause.

I find this an intetesting idea, though the thing that immefiately comes to my mind, is exploring the mixture and interaction if the two opposing forces and bringing them together.
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Sun 3 Jun 2018
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IC: D&D 5 Thematic game: Positive Plane as a power source
I would definitely be interested! I would be fine with any starting level at or above 3rd. Alignment differences might spark interesting discussions.