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Wed 10 Oct 2018
at 04:29
Paranormal Investigation freeform- IC & questions
I am considering running a game focused on a paranormal investigation team.  Whether they are a detective agency, a government agency, or something else, I was thinking it would be a team of 'gifted' individuals investigating incidences normal people couldn't decipher.

The big question in my head is how to categorize and limit the powers of the gifted individuals.  I was thinking that psychic powers would be the main focus, but could also possibly include things like modern magic.  I want to give a variety of options for players, but I also don't want it to turn into the avengers.  I'm aiming for more of an x-files/stranger things feel.
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Wed 10 Oct 2018
at 08:44
Paranormal Investigation freeform- IC & questions
Freeform and powers are not good bedmates, but you might want to take a look at a free ruleset I was introduced to recently called Fists and 45s. It's an Indiana Jones style game that includes psychic powers and 1930s pulp fiction magic.

Even if you don't want mechanics in your game, it may give you an idea of possible powers and how to present them.

If you decided to run a semi-freeform game based on Fists and 45s, I could be interested - my F45 GM seems to have vanished.

Another ruleset freely available that might bear a reading is Trail of Cthulhu. You can get a 'condensed rules' book from the authors for free, which should be enough to inform a freeform or semi-freeform game. This one includes tips on handling investigation skills and ideas for monster powers.