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Sat 10 Nov 2018
at 19:50
IC: Glimmerdrift Reaches (Traveller/ Silhouette mechanics)
I hacked the Silhouette system (Heavy Gear/Jovian Chronicles) for Megatraveller Advanced Character Generation. The system is more suited to advancement, better combat and more well-rounded characters. Not all careers have been done but more than enough to cover the basics.

In addition, I hacked a Bounty Hunting system out of SWN mechanics that is pretty slick. It's player-driven and pretty fun (at least in Solo play).

I'm a huge fan of the Gateway To Destiny setting and Glimmerdrift Reaches. It's an awesome border region during 993 and sandwiched during the war.

Set in the Glimmerdrift Reaches during the Rim War, the sector is full of privateers, pirates, Solomani insurgents and commerce raiders. The players are either free traders/adventurers for hire AND/OR Bounty Hunters (note: or Imperial undercovers).

The system translates almost exactly to Traveller. Attributes are simply +/- bonuses (which matches the bonuses from MongTrav's 2-15 stat range), skills are more useful in that they create the dice pool. Difficulties mirror each other (Easy=Easy, Average=Average etc).

Ship combat is simply Mongoose rules using Silhouette dice.

You can see a Solo AP here...

An early draft of the Character Generation rules here...

Skill List

Some minor changes have been made due to playtesting.

If anyone's interested, let me know.

About me... returning from a hiatus from Rpol. I've been with RPOL for 10+ years. I have GM'd multiple games including Traveller (Mongoose), Talislanta, Artesia, and a few others. Played in many games.
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Mon 12 Nov 2018
at 03:03
IC: Glimmerdrift Reaches (Traveller/ Silhouette mechanics)
Speaking as a participant in one of your prior Traveller games, by all means count me in.
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Mon 12 Nov 2018
at 07:29
IC: Glimmerdrift Reaches (Traveller/ Silhouette mechanics)
All right, we're getting the band back together ;-). That's two of you. So it's a go.

Placeholder is up and I'll move this thread to Recruitment to see if we can sucker in some new folks... I mean, happily and joyfully greet our new brethren!

Closed for Interest Check. Set your phasers to phun!

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