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IC for Adventurer's Guild Concept (5e Adult)
I plan to use this concept to start up a new game, just checking to see if anyone is interested in this. I plan to accept alot of players since this game revolves around a guild and not a specific party composed and chained to a specific campaign. So anyone can come and go,

In this age of fantastic discoveries and enlightened inventions, men and women of means, adventure, and intellect band together in clubs and societies, known
commonly as guilds. Over the evening grog and a friendly rubber of fists against face, these good citizens shun talk of the mundane world and their woeful paltry lives, focusing their attention instead on the world beyond the daily grind or the latest social scandal. Out there, across the mountains, over the lands, and underneath caves of old, lies a world of adventure and excitement, a world waiting to be brought to the attention of the masses by those with the means and courage to venture forth.

Beyond the smog-shrouded streets of Dene, is the holy city of the Kingdom of Burna. A city of progress and riches, thus society prospered within its walls while the business economy boomed into popularity. This so called business is known as adventuring. A lucrative but dangerous occupation that has most youths clamor for riches and glory all in the name of exploration, treasure and for some individuals, it could be a place for justice. Being an Adventurer, is a sign of prestige, honor and all in all fame.

The Adventurer's Guild is the largest known guild in all the land. They have at-least a couple dozens of branches scattered throughout Epela's seven continents. The main business of Adventurer's Guild is to receive requests instead of the individual adventurer needing to do so. The Guild examines whether or not the request is legal, and how difficult it will be. Afterwards, the guild classifies the request within the rank system, giving it an appropriate one and releases information about the quest to the public. Such requests would be listed on the guild board as specific missions for different ranked adventurers to accept. Also, if a client nominates a certain adventurer, the guild will liaise between the client and the adventurer.

The campaign will mostly focused in the City of Dene. Dene has the largest branch of the Adventurer's guild within all of Epela. The massive building is in the East District of the city and faces South. Its large enough to accommodate hundreds of individual within its interior, whether it be clients and would-be adventurer's alike. It is large enough that could even classify itself into its own castle dwarfing that of a king's stronghold. It has its own pub, its own board room and inn should adventurer's need a place to stay temporarily or permanently. They have recreational centers for training and other activities like arena battles for betting and practicing. Has its own prothel too, to pacify some of the most rowdier adventurer's if the booze couldn't do its job fast enough.

You start in the Kingdom of Bruna, a continent of trackless deserts to its west, vast mountain ranges unclimbed by mankind to its north, lost cities which stood proud and strong centuries before the current ruling era lay the foundation stones of their great cities can be found to its east, while virgin rainforests inhabited by primitive tribes and creatures inhabits the continent itself.

What this game about:

Question: Are you tired of having to wait for others so you can go on an adventure? Tired of having someone leaving the party due to [RL or Disappearance issues] problems giving your current scene frozen to a grinding halt? How about situations where you can't find a good party? And for those shady types, Aren't you also bummed at the prospect of having to save your party members life and stay to risk your own all for etiquette and reputation? Wouldn't be just great for you to hightail it out of there and leave them to fend for themselves while you get to leave with your treasure?

If you think the answers to any of these questions should be YES, then come down to your local Adventurer's Guild and sign up! Be your own Hero!

This game is basically the core concept of being a adventurer or so called sell-swords or mercenaries employed by a single guild. Players will have to follow the rules of this guild while under its roof and during the course of a contract that has been accepted by said individuals. This game will have a universal lounge thread where players can mingle and rp, establish lore and friendship within other players of the same establishment. You can go on quests of your own or find someone at the pub and team up with them.

Take note: the game focuses more on being an adveturer and the plots and stories revolving around a adventurer's life. that would mean there won't be any quests that will be as lengthy as a campaign itself. So most quests/requests will be expedited within a certain battle or 'rp challenges' to complete quests. There maybe super special quests that can reach the length of a normal campaign (subjugating a tyrant city, or eliminating a lich) but those will be reserved for higher level players or high ranked individuals. So players must climb the ladder to get to better quests. The purpose of the game is to increase rank and popularity within the establishment.

I also made this game to adult, to keep it safe from immaturity, and to capitalize on players knowing that this game has a certain quality to it and I like my players to keep to that standard.

  • DnD 5th edition Based Game, using home-brew and different systems to simulate a somewhat strategical and economical system to the game.
  • Players may contribute, are encouraged, to contribute to the world and story line.
  • Players can make their own background story for their characters and just add in why they decided to join the adventurer's guild as opposed to (Ex; continuing their holy training to be a paladin of -insert name here-)
  • If a player leaves the game due to RL reasons or inactivity during a quest, parties can leave them be, or I'll have them run away back to the guild center to keep the game moving quickly.
  • Living the life of an independent adventurer.
  • An ever evolving economy keeps players interested in trade and barter management.
  • Use of skills, encouraged, Skills will heavily effect some outcomes.
  • In game training and study allow new abilities to be earned or received as rewards for accomplishments actions.
  • Will not allow multiclassing or homebrew characters or races.

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IC for Adventurer's Guild Concept (5e Adult)
I'd be up for something like this. You mention using other systems along with 5e. Do you have any in mind?
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IC for Adventurer's Guild Concept (5e Adult)
Sounds cool, tell me more
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IC for Adventurer's Guild Concept (5e Adult)
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IC for Adventurer's Guild Concept (5e Adult)
Due to the amount of interests I have been getting aside from this thread, I decided to bring the game into fruition. Any further questions or concerns can be found in the game's notice threads explaining in detail the rules. Any questions that wasn't answered in the threads, you can send me a PM to ask for more specifics.

link to another game