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Fri 14 Dec 2018
at 09:58
Battlestar Galactica
Greetings! Would anyone be interested to run a game in the Battlestar Galactica universe? I have tried finding a game as a player but so far no luck, and decided to try my luck here instead.

The game system I have in mind would be the Palladium rules, I believe it's called that, that used skills in %. Would anyone be interested to help out, as I sadly don't know to much about the lore and is not the best GM :(
Lord Caladin
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 It all about the journey
Tue 18 Dec 2018
at 22:45
Battlestar Galactica
yes, but the system and set up would be important.
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Tue 18 Dec 2018
at 23:14
Battlestar Galactica
There is a really good adaptation of D&D 5e to star wars that could provide the sci fi elements needed for BSG without making things to difficult.
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Wed 19 Dec 2018
at 18:06
Battlestar Galactica
In reply to Lord Caladin (msg # 2):

Agreed. What I have in mind is that every planet gives special bonus, so it matters somewhat where you come from, and that every class have specialization.

Take pilot for example. That is what you are trained for but you are specialize in either:

- Viper Pilot
- Raptor Pilot
- Merchant Pilot
- Pirate

and so on.