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Fri 21 Dec 2018
at 18:47
The Hunt for Wisdomstupid
I'm gauging interest in a lighthearted, low-combat campaign in which the PCs fight plagues of the setting's raccoons with the aid of the setting's foxes.

The raccoons are stupid but highly co-ordinated in activities such as raids of food stores. From time to time is born a Wisdomstupid of the Raccoons, which has a kind of telepathic leadership that enables it to amass an ever-larger army of raccoons that don't use weapons but fight with the efficiency of a highly trained military unit.

The far less numerous foxes are solitary creatures who Bond with PCs and NPCs. They are highly trainable in various assistive skills--sentry, tracking, musical vocalization, etc. A fox may Bond with a human and thus have a semi-telepathic link.

The idea here is to have some light fun rather than seek achievement. I'm naturally story-oriented and would be looking for immersive players who aren't too worried about stats.

Even if you're not interested your thoughts are appreciated.