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Sun 20 Jan 2019
at 22:44
Moar Heavy Metal Noise!
So about a month ago (I wanted to wait long enough so their game could get off the ground) someone suggested an idea for a game that was a fusion of technology and fantasy and tech ruled by what was cool. It immediately got me thinking of that eponymous cartoon from the 80s with the green murder orb, flying cars, laser weapons, stripperific armor, and the great variety of sentient beings.

What I'm looking for is not to duplicate Heavy Metal, but to evoke it without duplicating it directly.

The Story So Far:
By 21XX the earth had developed reliable interplanetary travel to Mars through mostly private industry due to the collapse of international space agencies. Within a century the earth went interstellar, finding alien contact with the beings of a planet called Terra in the Alpha Centuri system. The earth humans would inhabit or help colonize 9 other habitable planets, during which time they met other species eerily similar to various fantasy races in both eastern and western culture. Interestingly, they also met other humans, who strangely followed a similar evolutionary path. It struck a heavy blow for western "One True God" religions to discover our own kind on other planets...

[snip] The Terran and Earth humans were part of the Federation for a few centuries. It all came to a head later, when a "Necromundus" was discovered when the Sol System planets Earth and Mars lose contact with Terra-1 on Alpha Centauri.

The Galactic Federation is falling apart. Several Terran planets have already been destroyed by this mysterious force. Often times when it is first discovered on a planet, they have less than 200 hours before complete organic destruction. The Prevailing opinion is that it isn't magic, or if it is, it doesn't affect spacecraft in the area. So far investigations have been fruitless. Those who investigate are largely pooled from the masses who have no choice but to help, and maybe a few people whose bravery is only exceeded by their stupidity.

Required Media Consumption
Modern AGE Basic Rulebook
A short (22 pages) primer that I wrote which I will link in game if I get enough people interested to make the game

Optional Media Consumption (note that the primer I wrote contains all relevant information from the optional AGE System books listed below)
Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook
Fantasy AGE Compendium
Heavy Metal (1981)
Heavy Metal 2000 (2000)

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Sun 20 Jan 2019
at 23:14
Moar Heavy Metal Noise!
  I am too busy to take part Steelsmiter, but that is a great idea. I saw the same posts earlier and Heavy Metal came to mind for me as well. I loved both of the animated movies and even managed to track down a few comics/magazines (I think it was more magazine, though that was a long time ago) back in the day.

  Good luck on getting it going! I bet it will be roller coaster  kind of crazy ride!
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Mon 21 Jan 2019
at 00:41
Moar Heavy Metal Noise!
I would be willing to contribute to this game's development if needed.  We can hit Discord and talk more.
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Fri 8 Feb 2019
at 23:40
Moar Heavy Metal Noise!
Thanks, I've been a little distracted (partly with that help, and partly with other things) but I'll get it ready and post a link if I can get say... 3 or 4 people to jump in?