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Sun 27 Jan 2019
at 15:22
Are You A Player With Nothing/Little To Do On Sundays?
I'm one of the few people available for playing on RPol on Sundays... I recently tried to get a GM for a solo Sunday game, but got no takers, so now I'm willing to get a solo game going where I'm the GM... as long as you're a player who can post multiple times on Sundays. (Posting the rest of the week is fine, but multiple times every Sunday is the important part).

I like Dungeon World and things like it the best-- I have a Norse/Beowulf-flavored DW hack made that I like-- but am possibly open to other things...

I'm not posting this in PLAYERS WANTED because I'm NOT advertising a specific game I've made yet, because I'm open to hearing/playing what the prospective solo player wants to play... (If it turns out I'm posting in a bad thread, sorry, but PLAYERS WANTED is for people who have made a specific game they are inviting people to, so...)

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Wed 30 Jan 2019
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Are You A Player With Nothing/Little To Do On Sundays?
I'm thinking you've posted to the right place.  Is there a particular genre or system to which you, as GM, are partial?  Ack!  Just saw while checking in you mentioned Dungeon World.  (Sorry!)  I'm okay with that, but would have to learn as we go.  Is that a derivative of Apocalypse World?  (I seem to remember that...)  I'd probably want to get a copy of the rules, then.

If I read you aright, only on Sunday, but in a burst of activity comprising several posts on that day?  Interesting concept.  I do a lot of GM catch-up on the weekends, but could play Sunday like this.  I'm typically not awake until 1100 CST (I work evenings).

What sort of game do you have in mind?  Boy, I'm battin' a thousand here, huh?

If I had my druthers, it'd be something more science-fictional than fantasy, but, hey, why not - it'd give me a reason to brush up on my Norse mythology.

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