Bane Root
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Mon 11 Feb 2019
at 00:47
Interest Check : Underground 2021
2021 : Peace or Pieces?

“Paraguay was bad, but nothing could have prepared you for 10s Angeles. Back in the jungle it was still a tribe thing-you wanted to kill them, they wanted to kill you; no one knew why. But here, death isn’t good enough. Here, they want you to hurt first. The sets, the OS, the fly-jackers, the Estro-GinTM addled punks-the only things standing between you and a body bag are your trusty GCS DW 770/g and designer genotype. You’d be surprised how often a skin that can shrug off .44 caliber loads comes in handy.

One day, the punks will identify their real enemy and begin the serious violence- bloodshed of the people, by the people, and for the people. Until then, it’s time to run a check and take this war down into the UNDERGROUND.”

Anybody remember the dystopian scifi and political satire of ‘Underground 2021’? Genetic engineering, big guns, political corruption and intrigue?
Peace or Pieces? Justice or Just is?
Any interest in an Underground game?

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Wed 13 Feb 2019
at 23:13
Interest Check : Underground 2021
Sweeney's Old Fashioned!  SO much better than Tastee Ghoul.

I don't know if I could still find my books, but Underground was brilliant.  And straight up the best laid out RPG I've ever seen, still.

I would be interested, yes.  Enough to go dig through some boxes and see if I can find it.  I know it's back there somewhere...  I've never actually played it, though.  We just... had it.  And that ridiculously oversized supplement they did.
Der Rot Konig
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Thu 14 Feb 2019
at 13:41
Interest Check : Underground 2021
Wow, thought I might be the only one left with a copy of this game.  I'm definitely down.
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Thu 14 Feb 2019
at 14:04
Interest Check : Underground 2021
I've never heard of the game before, and don't know the rules, but it sounds really cool, and I've never played a game in that type of setting, so I'm up for it.
Bane Root
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Thu 14 Feb 2019
at 17:13
Interest Check : Underground 2021
I will post up the game this afternoon/evening and PM you all.
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Thu 14 Feb 2019
at 18:05
Interest Check : Underground 2021
I own this although we only played one session.  We were playing Chill back in the 90s and it was a gift as someone mistook it for a Chill supplement.  My original character had only base attributes and no powers (yeah, the stable one).
Bane Root
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Thu 14 Feb 2019
at 23:54
Interest Check : Underground 2021
Bare bones of game are up.
link to another game