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Wed 10 Apr 2019
at 16:19
IC - Dresden Files Accelerated
Dresden Files is a series I really enjoy, and having watched a few podcasts of the Fate Accelerated system I think I would try my hand at running a game.

Looking for ideas of settings, and people willing to work with the setup, Themes, Movers and Shakers etc.

Posting rate is daily, usually a few times in the morning and sometimes later. I work evenings myself, and weekends are often slow for my post rate as my wife and kids keep me hopping. But if that sounds like something you can work with, I would be interested to see what interest there is for a DF game.
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Wed 10 Apr 2019
at 16:42
IC - Dresden Files Accelerated
A few of these have popped up from time to time, they seem to draw interest, but lack staying power.

I would suggest inviting as many as double the number of people you feel comfortable running a game for, assume it will be half that many before you need to worry.
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Thu 11 Apr 2019
at 00:37
IC - Dresden Files Accelerated
I would be interested in joining a Dresden Files game
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Sat 27 Apr 2019
at 03:55
IC - Dresden Files Accelerated
Would be very much interested in joining, been wanting to try a DF game for a while now.
Rook Seidhr
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Tue 7 May 2019
at 02:22
IC - Dresden Files Accelerated