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Tue 23 Apr 2019
at 15:40
Solo game(s) with romance / erotica (Women wanted)
This is a modified version of a post I put on wanted: Gms and I put it here because I don't have a specific game to put in players wanted.

The main text below hasn't changed and all I will add is I'm willing to take the inititative to set up and drive any solo games for anyone who fits the above bill. If you have game ideas yourself then pitch them to me. I am pretty much open to anything.

This is more an attempt to find someone(s) who are on the same wavelength as me.

So I've been on rpol for... ...well lets just say a long time. I left it a few times but ended up returning because there is no other place like it. It has its faults but there are so many positives about it.

I have made some good friends here. I know what you are all going to think about that statement but honestly compared to some people Ive met IRL there are some genuinely nice people here.

I have been waiting for years for the right opportunity to present itself but it never has so I've made a decision rather than wait around I will actively start putting myself out there and hope someone responds.

I am looking for a woman to become a long term roleplaying partner. I can post at least once a day Monday to Friday and would like someone fairly active.

I want more than just an IC partner. I want someone I can truly befriend online who is on my wavelength and shares my likes / dislikes. Please note I'm NOT looking to date anyone. I'm just looking for online friends. I also want to keep a potential friendship online only.

Most questions about me can be answered by clicking on my profile link under my username and following the last link on the autobiography.

Thank you for taking time to read this.

Anyone who wants to try and build a creative partnership please rmail me.

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Fri 26 Apr 2019
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Solo game(s) with romance / erotica
Hey all. I've edited the above based on feedback I've recieved elsewhere. I apologuise to anyone who may have felt offended by the original. I have no desire to alienate anyone.
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Wed 8 May 2019
at 10:23
Solo game(s) with romance / erotica
So right now I am fairly maxed out but reducing some games. However I would still be open to a partnership with the right person.