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Sat 4 May 2019
at 13:04
IC - Godbound in Fantasy Asia

I follow a blog by Johnn Four - he writes ideas about running RPGs and how to make the best of your games - and would like a small band that would like to explore some of those ideas with me.

Godbound is a sandbox style game, which means I can't script any story because it would be a major waste of time if the PCs didn't follow it.  And it fits perfectly with the way Johnn advocates to run games (and it isn't too technical, conflicts can be resolved easily enough in RPOL's format).

I -want- to run a fantasy game with an oriental flavour, a mix of Japanese and Chinese tropes and themes.  I want the act of creating this world to rest on the group, not just n my own head.  I am a fan of dramatic conflicts, but I'd like to try some political intrigue and heavy RP elements too.

Mostly, I want to have fun.

Would anyone be interested in a game of Godbound like this?  Where groups can split, do their thing, and reform as they see fit?  Can anyone foresee any issues with a game like this?
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Sat 4 May 2019
at 17:06
IC - Godbound in Fantasy Asia
The only issue I foresee is the overwhelming number of applications you'll get :) I'd be in, especially to learn new gaming ideas.  I'd be up for reading the blog and discussing ideas as a side thread to the game.

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Sat 4 May 2019
at 23:57
IC - Godbound in Fantasy Asia
I believe splitting the party can have advantages and disadvantages. Should a player split off, or even two together, there's separate threads that you'll now have to cover. That could be a lot of work, fun, but tedious. And as that one player goes off to develop that small aspect of the world, the others are off shaping another portion of the world. Are you ready to contend with that? Keeping track of that all?
I'm not saying it's not possible, but could be a lot of bookkeeping.
Count me in as interested in helping you discover the corners of h Godbound world.
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Sun 5 May 2019
at 02:00
IC - Godbound in Fantasy Asia
One suggestion for any kind of sandbox: Make sure to start off with a good, solid bang and at least a couple of easily-accessed adventure opportunities so that players can hit the ground running. Getting started can be the hard part - once players start bouncing off the setting, stuff will happen.

As one of my existing Godbound games just ended, I'd be interested in seeing the game, sure.

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Sun 5 May 2019
at 03:25
IC - Godbound in Fantasy Asia
I tend to quite enjoy Asian style settings, and have wanted to give Godbound a shot for a little while.
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Mon 6 May 2019
at 09:14
IC - Godbound in Fantasy Asia
Well, the interest in the game certainly bouyed me to create the setting and put hours (that's right, at least two) into generating the setting and making a map (with lots of blank spaces).

link to another game

The game is general.  Thanks for the replies!