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Tue 14 May 2019
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IC: Post-Apocalyptic Dark Fantasy using Dragon AGE RPG
In 2012 ARK Industries began construction of their ARK I Ultra Particle Accelerator in the city of Detroit. The 4.6 billion dollar undertaking was a lifeline to the city's failing economy and created thousands of jobs. The collider was so large, new tunnels had to be dug half a mile underground, encompassing almost the entire city. During the construction the once great city began to grow back into a margin of its former status as an industrial powerhouse. After nearly a decade of construction the project was heralded as a resounding success. ARK Industries single-handedly saved an iconic american city from economic collapse, sparking a booming economy.

Unfortunately, some damned fool went and turned the collider on and ruined everything.

No one knows exactly what happened. Mostly because everyone within the city of Detroit on May 5th, 2021 was instantly consumed by the great, black maelstrom that resulted from the collider. There are theories though, that the accelerator tore a hole in reality and let the storm in. It's been 30 years. 30 years since the storm. 30 years since all power went out, and stayed out. 30 years since magic came ripping into our world...

I've had this idea in my head for quite a while and I think it's high time I get it out and into the hands of players to help flesh it out and make it something great.

The premise is as stated above. The city of Detroit Michigan has been consumer by a great, all consuming maelstrom of energy that destroys anything it touches. Magic flooded into our world, giving ordinary people extraordinary power... many of whom had no idea how to use it. Those that have survived the last 30 years are now some of the strongest people alive. But magic came at a cost. All electricity disappeared from a world that had become completely dependent upon it, and it's never returned. Society effectively collapsed. There has been innumerable violence and conflicts in the interim years. Warlords have risen and fallen. This is the world your characters live in.

The game will be run using the Dragon AGE RPG. I like the system because of the built in Dark Fantasy flavor and I prefer the magic system of DA to that of the Fantasy AGE system. And since there is now Fantasy AGE, Modern AGE, The Expanse RPG, etc... it's a good time to be a system hacking GM like myself. :)

Interest, Ideas, comments?
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Tue 14 May 2019
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IC: Post-Apocalyptic Dark Fantasy using Dragon AGE RPG
I've considered doing the same or a very similar thing with Modern AGE, but backwards engineering some sort of currency based on a half a dozen broad categories of things that would have value in a post apocalyptic society. It's not ready yet, but I might kick it into high gear with the motivation this post has given me.

Honestly the only thing keeping me from this one is Dragon AGE. I feel like it's too franchise embedded. There's not really anything I could do about that though, so I wish you well.
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Tue 14 May 2019
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IC: Post-Apocalyptic Dark Fantasy using Dragon AGE RPG
Colour me interested