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Wed 15 May 2019
at 17:30
D&D or Dark Heresy
Back to Rpol from a longer brake.
I was wondering if there was a group interested in either
- a D&D 3.5 edition game set in Forgotten Realms or Eberron.
- a Dark Heresy 1st edition game.

As a GM I'm usually quite liberal with rules and character creation. The story is centre for all, and if changes to rules makes sense and it adds to the overall story, I'll usually go for it. I dislike stagnation and powergaming.

I would like to get more than "I'm interested".
I would very much like a few phrases or paragraphs about:
- what type of game
- what content is interesting
- what the game should centre around
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Wed 15 May 2019
at 18:12
D&D or Dark Heresy
In reply to Theridan (msg # 1):

What about merging the two? Using D&D to play in the WarHammer universe?
I haven't picked up the DH handbook in a while, it's currently collecting dust on my bookshelf. But I'll forever hold an interest in D&D (Pathfinder would be preferred, I just like the multitude of class options). Although playing a DH game would be fun to try again.

The one thing I hated about DH was that there was limited character interaction, the game was mostly based around combat. Not that combat is bad, but bring some political intrigues or just use skills that are not labeled Melee and Ballistic. If I make a psycher or an astrogater I want to use my knowledge skills to solve a mystery. If I make a cleric, let me use my faith to try and turn heretics into true believers (they'll burn in hell if they don't choose my side, but I at least want to be given the chance to preach).

As far as setting goes, by merging DH with D&D/PF, the universe is your oyster. Dungeon crawls are still possible, but now there's some sci-fi element to them. Even traversing the skies in a flying machine would be possible, adding wonder and bewilderment to an otherwise fantasy-based environment. I could see the Chalice of the Blood Angels becoming a sought after artifact if D&D was the Apocalyptic world after events in DH. Or the Tau rising up from the depths of a disturbed holy site, after a 1000 year hibernation, to suddenly take control of everything because of their vastly superior tech. The Emperor could suddenly disappear, only to find out that Ahriman, the sorcerer of the Thousand Sons, traveled through a time portal to destroy the rise of Man. Or would be great to play in the time of the Horace Heresy, seeing if we could somehow stop the event from ever occurring. Maybe our trope of D&D characters stumbles upon some device of unknown origins only to have to battle a Tyranid brood. The possibilities are endless.

Many players might not be familiar with DH, but that doesn't mean you can't utilize that universe to run a game based on D&D/PF rules.

You've definitely got my vote!
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Thu 16 May 2019
at 06:28
D&D or Dark Heresy
I've been trying to find or encourage a 1st edition DH game using one of the Cell Directives from Blood of Martyrs, Book of Judgement, or Daemon Hunters - which is a variety of possible games and themes. I'm not so much looking for specific content as the consistency with which it's conveyed to applicants before the game starts, and then carried out in-game. That said, Carta Extremis (traitor-inquisitor hunters) would get my initial vote.
 While I agree that giving a pbp game a strong focus on combat can be difficult, I don't think you need combat to bring difficult situations to bear, taking inspiration from, say, John Wick or Die Hard and allowing the PCs to fail forward, bloody and bruised. Shifting to D&D for any of that would be a mistake, imo.

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Fri 17 May 2019
at 04:15
D&D or Dark Heresy
Me and a couple of friends are interested in an Eberron game.

Two ideas:
1) Mark of Death returns. Someone somewhere has the Mark of Death. Erandis Vol wants this elf and we are sent to get her or him to her side. Elves will want to kill the package, dragons will want to kill the package, and other people will want to take the package from us, but we are paid to deliver the package to Lady Vol.
2) Rise of the Hidden Houses. The psionic houses of Complete Psionics want to get money and power and extend their influence beyond the Lhazaar Principalities. There is only one thing in their way: The Dragonmarked Houses. Basically we are doing sabotage jobs and undermine them while protecting our industries and services at the same time.

They all can be done at any level, although we prefer not to start at 1st but at 2nd level at the lowest.
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Fri 17 May 2019
at 18:13
D&D or Dark Heresy
There are quite a few really good Dark Heresy Players that would commit actual acts against the Emperor for a long running DH first edition.

I am up for it. I don't even care if we start off Rank 1. and combat knives. I like your ideas Novocrane what Book of Judgement directives did you want to see?

Now that all the Books are back and half priced PDF's on Drive Thru I hope we see more DH games come back to rpol. They are quite, quite fun.

I would be up to aiding any GM as much as possible as well for DH if you are in need of a couple more corrupted eyes and hands on the other side of the screen Theridan.

Welcome back to the best site on the planet, regardless of your choice good luck with all your games!

P.S. An Arbite game would be quite fun. Say a Mad Max Port Suffering Romp with a Suffering Marshall or two and gang of do gooders on a bad bad planet. The Good The Corrupt & Taintied.
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Fri 17 May 2019
at 19:52
D&D or Dark Heresy
So far this is interesting reading.

I have a setup long ago made for both these systems.
And much of what is written here is fantastic material for these setups for some good story telling

#BrisNoc: Your first idea is a novel series of three books already, have you read it?

#modestmouse: It's good to be back.

I would like a few more replies here before I make my decision, but I wanted to thank you and show you 'I am reading this'.
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Sat 18 May 2019
at 01:40
D&D or Dark Heresy

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Sat 18 May 2019
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Re: D&D or Dark Heresy
#BrisNoc: Your first idea is a novel series of three books already, have you read it?

I must contact my lawyer. :(
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Sat 18 May 2019
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Re: D&D or Dark Heresy

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Sun 26 May 2019
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Re: D&D or Dark Heresy

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