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 The Doctor.
Fri 17 May 2019
at 22:32
[IC] Electric katana
One hundred years ago the Emperor of Lightning ascended to the Imperial Throne and taught the secrets of making kashira - beings of metal and lightning which could battle the enemies of the Land of the Rising Sun where samurai of flesh and blood could not. In this new world, the kashira would be his new samurai. By his decree, the kashira and their puppeteers must wander the country and defend the edges of the land from dark and wicked forces. The kashira rightly see their tayu as fathers, but will their puppeteers be willing to sacrifice their creations for the good of the Imperial Throne?

In Electric Katana, each player takes on the roll of both a robotic kashira and its human creator. This game is not only a struggle between the kashira and terrible monsters, but also between the kashira and its tayu, between the creation’s love for its maker and the mask of indifference that the creator must maintain.
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 Jesus Loves You
Mon 20 May 2019
at 23:49
[IC] Electric katana
One hundred years later, after an entire century of war with the dark powers, the son of the son of the Emperor of Lightning has been kidnapped by the kapkan - beings of metal and darkness. The Emperor commands two things in his grief:

1) the execution of the kashira and tayu who were meant to guard his grandson

2) more tayu to pursue and rescue his grandson
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Tue 21 May 2019
at 12:28
[IC] Electric katana
I have to admit this sounds super cool. I'd be totally up for it.