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Sun 26 May 2019
at 00:20
IC: - Simple Pathfinder
I recently got the Core Pathfinder book (I know, i'm well behind the times) and I wanted to try running a game using it.  I know there are a billion other options out there for the game but I want to keep it simple to start out with.

I had an idea of a game revolving around a group of 'problem solvers' for a theocracy, demon-hunting and solving the supernatural problems that seem to beset those in their country (working name: Nevdozka).  They have to manage the politics of the various Boyars while protecting the faith that seeks to bring peace to everyone.  I thought i'd keep it as magical a game as Pathfinder seems to be, but only have human characters.

The game I envision would have a plot but be quite 'sandbox' - I'd use a hex map to create a geography and the characters could explore, proactively protecting the Faith but there would be Super-villains to vanquish too, a little like an adventure path of my own creation tossed into a sandbox game.

I recently did a Bartle test (which helps understand what you enjoy in an RPG) and came out strongly as an explorer and socialite - although I'd have thought I was a killer more - and so I'm interested in having help populating the game from the players.  If they want a boyar whose mages have crafted him a automaton centaur body and whose warriors make magical prosthetics to help them defeat their enemies, I'm all for it!

So, I wondered if there were any sort of interest for this sort of game.  I feel like, already, I might have lost the popular vote by keeping it 'only human'.  I really hope not, though.

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Sun 26 May 2019
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IC: - Simple Pathfinder
Ignore the inevitable nay-sayers -- running a PF game as "Core Only" is a perfectly viable option. You don't need thirty-two classes and seven hundred feats to make a playable character.

Also, if you have a concept for your own setting and story, and telling it requires you to put limits on character options, that's fine, as long as players know these beforehand. So a human-only game is not a problem.

So count me in as a potential player, with one caveat: please don't make the "players add to the setting" part mandatory. At least for me. I'm already devoting a lot of my creative energies toward the games I'm running, plus whatever I make up for this game (should it happen). I can't promise I can spare anything for helping with your world-building.

Not to say I won't come up with ideas -- but please don't make the game dependent on it.
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Sun 26 May 2019
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IC: - Simple Pathfinder
I think I can duplicate what Lone Paladin said almost word for word. I'd be interested in it. I think pathfinder started great and then got destroyed by SPLAT book after SPLAT book. There are some gems in the SPLAT books, but not many.
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Sun 26 May 2019
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Re: IC: - Simple Pathfinder
You don't need thirty-two classes and seven hundred feats to make a playable character.

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Sun 26 May 2019
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Re: IC: - Simple Pathfinder
Wow.  Thanks.

I opened the game here link to another game

Hope to see you there!