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Sun 2 Jun 2019
at 18:26
IC: Icons Assembled - Ex-Sidekicks
First off: if you don't know the game, I'm not really in a position to teach it to you as well as run the game.

The concept: you are a former sidekick.  That implies a superhero world where this was, if not the default, at least quite common.  You know (or did know) the other PCs.  It can be a world that's moved on from the Silver Age (style not time period) and perhaps the whole sidekick thing is out of fashion (or banned, etc).  Maybe it's still a thriving thing.

But for one reason or another, you moved on.  You could have "graduated" into an adult hero or perhaps--for one reason or another--your relationship came to an end (argument/death/etc). Maybe you retired for your own reasons.

I know the trend in SHRPGs is to have modern or post-modern games where any character concept goes, but that doesn't suit what I'm aiming for.  The tone of the game isn't meant to be silly (which is often a Silver Age trope in and of itself).  I feel that the Young Justice TV series did an exemplary job at portraying a comic book world that honored the past and updated the characters to more than walking cardstock tropes.

I'm using an alternate character creation model: hybrid point-buy where you allocate a given number of power slots and spend a given number of points on attributes.  It suits the power level I'm aiming for.

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Mon 3 Jun 2019
at 16:35
IC: Icons Assembled - Ex-Sidekicks
I love the concept, but I unfortunately don't know the system.  Wish you the best!  If there's a possibility for a new person, I'd probably be up for it.
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Tue 4 Jun 2019
at 05:04
IC: Icons Assembled - Ex-Sidekicks
Never used a point but system for character creation before but have played a bit of icons in the past count me interested
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Tue 4 Jun 2019
at 06:01
IC: Icons Assembled - Ex-Sidekicks
I enjoy Young Justice and Icons, I'd be happy to throw my hat in the ring.  I'd say it's a good idea to skip random generation on a pbp game too.  In my experience, too often, you have people who roll out their character and then vanish.
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Tue 4 Jun 2019
at 11:06
IC: Icons Assembled - Ex-Sidekicks
It's a hybrid point-buy system that I'm using, a mix between spending 20 points on Abilities and picking four powers at various fixed ranks.

You could apply one or more powers to your Abilities if you want to raise them up, e.g. put 2 points in Strength and then use your rank 7 power to increase your strength to 9.