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Mon 10 Jun 2019
at 12:02
Slice of life: Quaint little town
I've recently been getting the itch to write something a bit more soap opera/ tv drama like. And I'm hoping to find likeminded people here, so here is my proposal.

Aberswyth is a small (fictional) town in the south of Wales. With a population of just over 6000 souls it feels like an old fashioned village. Though like most places in South Wales, Aberswyth suffered greatly when the coal mining industry died in the second half of the 20th century. But luckliy many inhabitants were able to find work in Swansea, which is just a half hour away. Also, the local council has invested in the town's tourism industry, focussing on the nearby Riswyth national park. So Aberswyth has a small luxury hotel, several B&B's, and a camping/caravan park (which is about ten minutes outside the town proper). The town is filled with small local stores, cafes and restaurants as well as a full service public spa and gym complex.

The game would focus on the everyday lives of the inhabitants, friendships and rivalries, romance and heartbreak, and secrets a town like this is surely to hide.
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 a girl with ideas
Fri 14 Jun 2019
at 21:17
Slice of life: Quaint little town
I dig this idea. Slice of life seems really different from the usual freeform RPs I've seen pop up. The fact the setting is in Wales is also a pull for me. I'm interested.
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Sat 15 Jun 2019
at 21:45
Slice of life: Quaint little town
Well, here goes nothing.

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