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Tue 13 Aug 2019
at 18:01
IC - Pathfinder e6 - Post-apocalyptic fantasy
Re-reading the Emberverse post-apocalyptic SF books and it made me think of the idea of a post-apoc fantasy campaign.  Greymalkin put out a book called Desolation, using the Ubiquity rules system, which used the idea of an immediate post "mage war" apocalypse, which often exist in the long past in settings, in this case, I want to try immediately post-apocalypse, as in the next day.

I did not like the specifics of the Desolation book and prefer a limited Pathfinder rules set to Ubiquity.

My ideas:
  • Characters will be NPC classes to begin, but will convert to standard classes as the game goes along.  Magic will be late to bloom and come in gradually.  This will be done as we go.
  • All characters will be human, with racial variations.  This is not a world of elves, dwarves and gnomes.  It is a Sword and Sorcery world where humans do not trust anything man-like, but not human.  I have some human racial variations, based on Hyboria.
  • Major cities are destroyed, the land itself has been riven and changed.  No one knows much more than who the person next to them is, even that in fairly vague terms.
  • Literacy is gone, while books still exist, no one knows how to understand them.  Maps are no longer accurate.
  • I mentioned e6 in the Subject, but that would be in the future, I just want a more limited system than standard PF.

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Wed 14 Aug 2019
at 03:49
IC - Pathfinder e6 - Post-apocalyptic fantasy
Stick with the E6 variant. That gives us a fixed value for advancement, so we'd know ahead of time what we're dealing with.

As for magic, would you consider implementing the Spheres of Power rules instead of standard spellcasting? Make everyone non-casters (including spell-less variant classes), until we rediscover magic. You could use the various spheres individually, having us encounter something that grants knowledge of just one or two. Let someone take the Basic Magical Training feat to get access to a single sphere at caster level 1. Or use the discovery to allow multiclassing into one of the spherecaster classes.

I'd also consider using the Automatic Bonus Progression option from Unchained so that we're not dependent on magic items. And maybe the option for Piecemeal Armor, and the Laying Waste crit/fumble system.

I think with the right set of optional rules, laid out up-front, this is a workable concept. One that I'd like to try playing in.
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Wed 14 Aug 2019
at 11:13
IC - Pathfinder e6 - Post-apocalyptic fantasy
In reply to LonePaladin (msg # 2):

I have not seen the Spheres of Power rules, but taking a quick glance looks very interesting.  I will look at the other ideas as well, but cannot do so until this evening.

I haven't done a lot with Unchained, but have the book.

Thanks for the ideas and interest.
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Sun 18 Aug 2019
at 16:01
IC - Pathfinder e6 - Post-apocalyptic fantasy
Feels like the beggining of the Dark Sun setting.

Woud you accept psionics and the preserver and defiler traditions?

Yuu can find more information here.
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Sun 18 Aug 2019
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IC - Pathfinder e6 - Post-apocalyptic fantasy
Sorry if what I'm about to say is too far off topic, but this sort of game would work really well with Gritty or Pulpy Modern AGE using anything "magic" or "psychic" as Specializations (which can't be chosen before 4th level). You can always use Fantasy AGE for more Arcana and its bestiary, though if you want to control magic, I'd advise against using the core book for Fantasy. A Gritty or Pulpy Modern AGE game with Fantasy AGE creatures (which are all basically cinematic) would be positively brutal.

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