Joshua Calkins-Treworgy
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Tue 13 Aug 2019
at 22:05
Tiny Dungeon
New to the site, and just wondering if anyone has suggested the inclusion of Tiny Dungeon as a system to run.
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Thu 15 Aug 2019
at 20:43
Tiny Dungeon
Welcome!  If you mean adding it to [this list](;s=fulllist&nc=1) that GMs can pick from when creating a new game, good question.  I imagine a mod would need to make the change.  I think you can send them a message via rMail in the top right corner.

But, you can still start a TD game.  Potential players wouldn't be able to search for it by system name, but you could select another system, 'None', 'Freeform', (aren't those the same?) or 'Homebrew' and then type '(Tiny Dungeon)' so that the label appears in any Players Wanted post you make later.  I've seen at least one other system (Godbound) that's not on the list above advertised this way.

Curiously, there are at least three games in my sticky list where I can click 'Game Info' and it says 'The game system is Godbound.', so maybe you can change the system after creating the game?
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Thu 15 Aug 2019
at 21:03
Tiny Dungeon
Actually they would be able to search for it by system name, even if it wasn't included in the list (which it is, now) the system search field allows for text entry by both the GM and the player.

Which means that GMs can type in whatever they like as a system, even Godbound (also added to the list now), and it will still be searchable.  The list exists just for convenience.

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Fri 16 Aug 2019
at 16:59
Tiny Dungeon
Oh cool, thank you for correcting me Ron.

Also, I'd be interested if you want to run a game Joshua.