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Wed 11 Dec 2019
at 23:56
IC: Raksha only 2.5E Exalted
 Always wanted to do a Raksha only Chronicle just to really amp up the crazy level in the Wyld. Creation born would be NPCs and rare encounters at best. Since time has little to no meaning in the Deep Wyld we could have some real interesting encounters.
Rook Seidhr
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Thu 12 Dec 2019
at 05:54
IC: Raksha only 2.5E Exalted
I am all about this.
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Wed 18 Dec 2019
at 16:30
IC: Raksha only 2.5E Exalted
I also dreamed of this long ago. I made a Court, five Noble NPCs, an Unshaped to Quest Against and an original Grace (The Book, caste: Librarian). It's like prepping a hex crawl, but out of insane people and living terrain.
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Mon 6 Jan 2020
at 09:08
IC: Raksha only 2.5E Exalted
I've wanted to be part of Rakasha game as well though I've never actually played one.