L0st S0ul
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Thu 27 Feb 2020
at 17:13
Kingmaker game
I was thinking about starting up a fast pace kingmaker game.  I only want 1 maybe 2 players to run multiple characters.  Posting has to be daily and must like using roll20 for mapping, obviously, life gets in the way sometimes I understand but there has to be the commitment.

Are there people like this out there wanting something like this?
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Fri 28 Feb 2020
at 01:08
Kingmaker game
I think I would, I can post daily the next couple months, however once I finish healing and resume work might slow a little.
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Fri 28 Feb 2020
at 05:52
Kingmaker game
If you run it I will play it :)
Let's make this happen!
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Tue 3 Mar 2020
at 03:49
Kingmaker game
Fast-Paced? Sure. Multiple characters though, for me, loses the actual RP aspect of the game. PF/DnD is combat-heavy enough already, without losing RP aspect from playing multiple characters - unless you're a novelist, in which case the game mechanics get too frustrating.
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Tue 3 Mar 2020
at 03:51
Kingmaker game
Iím in.
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 Nuke em till they glow
 Shoot them in the dark.
Thu 5 Mar 2020
at 07:47
Kingmaker game
Both willvr and JRScott are used to handling multiple characters.
L0st S0ul
 member, 205 posts
Mon 9 Mar 2020
at 16:27
Kingmaker game
Game made and people already added.