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Mon 2 Mar 2020
at 01:29
Alas Vegas - Playing for the ultimate stakes
Hello, I like to run a game of Alas Vegas, a game with almost as much challenges as charms (especially in a Play-By-Post format).

Alas Vegas is a newer game, spawned from an almost-legendary delayed Kickstarter campaign.  The premise is that several strangers dig themselves out of shallow graves in an endless desert.  They have no explaination, no clothes and no memories of before.  On the horizon is a neon welt of a city, a nightmarish vision of Las Vegas.   If there are any answers for the strangers, they will be there.

This is a simple game, where the rules are easy and the characters made up as the game goes along.  A player could be playing the game within five minutes of hearing about it.

I should say something before going on.  This single-adventure game is all about solving the mystery of why the characters are in their strange predicament.  The answer to this has been spoilered on the internet and is only a search result away if you wish to know.  But I ask no one spoils the solution from this point on (unless that spoiler is in spoiler tags).

Here is some spoiler-free info about the game:
Drive-Thru RPG
RPG Geek
Tabletop Gaming News
Reviews from R'yleh
YouTube Review

My questions are these:

1.  I would rather no run an Adult game but the characters start the game naked and stay that way for a bit (mainly so they can get no clues to their situation from their clothing or possessions).  Does this mean I have to make the game an Adult one?

2.  The game is run using a Tarot deck.  From what I have read (https://www.rpol.net/display.cgi?gi=36224&ti=858#top), there is a Tarot option but I cannot seem to find it.  I know I can essentially configure the dice server every time but is there a better way?

Thanks for your advice and help in advance... :-)
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Mon 2 Mar 2020
at 02:06
Alas Vegas - Playing for the ultimate stakes
While I cannot speak for the moderators, I believe that the answer to your first question is no, nudity does not necessarily equal adult.  As long as you are not including graphic descriptions of said nudity (or any sexual themes), you should be okay with a mature rating (but obviously the mods will correct me if I am wrong).

As for the tarot deck, it is only available on the responsive site (r.rpol.net) as far as I know.
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Sat 7 Mar 2020
at 21:06
Alas Vegas - Playing for the ultimate stakes
This sounds neat! -and I agree with the above, you can definitely have nudity in a non-Adult game, just not heavily-described/sexualised nudity. Just say something like "everyone wakes up naked and covered in dirt: it's uncomfortable." You don't even have to have anyone describe hair/skin colour or build, because RPoL has portraits.

As for using a Tarot deck on the main site, you could ask the Mods if adding one would be feasable, and there's probably one online if it came to doing all the draws yourself.
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Sat 7 Mar 2020
at 22:51
Re: Alas Vegas - Playing for the ultimate stakes
RPO SteamDragon:
A player could be playing the game within five minutes of hearing about it.

People like to say that... but it isn't always true.

Regrdless, I generally up for anything, but not for trying to run a game i don;t know the rules to thoroughly.  Are you keeping the the Dealer rotation set-up or dropping it for this game?  (yes, I skimmed a single review and that was the only thing about the rules that stuck out to me)

So to summarize:  I'm game but not if you're keeping the GM rotation aspect.
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Mon 9 Mar 2020
at 00:42
Re: Alas Vegas - Playing for the ultimate stakes
Thank you all for your replies.

I agree that nudity should be handled like in the Terminator movies (one famous Naked on Arrival example on TVTropes), a necessity of the story.  But it shouldn't be particularly remarked upon.  Besides, being buried in the desert is many things, sexy isn't one of them.  The PCs will have other priorities on their mind.

I can't see how you could manage the Dealer rotation online.  To be honest, I can't figure out how it would really work across a tabletop.

I should get the game announcement up in a week or so.  All are welcome. :-)