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Fri 10 Apr 2020
at 01:21
IC: Overwatch RP
Overwatch is still going strong, but there's a certain niche aspect that you only really get with those awesome Archives missions, and I'd like to provide since the Archives event just ended.

So, the pitch: A two-sided, continuous conflict based on long-term strategy and short-term action roleplaying. Players would construct characters, chiefly Overwatch and Talon Agents. Modeling their abilities based on the templates available in the game, I intend to either mock up some form of rules-lite system or use an existing one. Both sides would be presented a number of missions and objectives to take, and how players handle each mission will provide bonuses and penalties in the overall scheme of things. Overwatch will focus mainly on peacekeeping and heroism while Talon takes the antagonistic role-- sowing chaos and conflict.

I open the floor to you, potential player. Any interest? Any questions?
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Fri 10 Apr 2020
at 16:41
IC: Overwatch RP
Whee! I've been pondering this very thing, but challenged by the scope of it. What system of rules were you planning to use?
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Sat 11 Apr 2020
at 03:13
IC: Overwatch RP
I've got it down to three possibilities.

First, homebrew something. If it works, it works. Probably a d6 system, something similar to Don't Rest Your Head.

Second, GURPS. 'Nuff said.

Third, if all else fails, I know a semi-freeform system based around competitive writing works fairly well for this kind of stuff.
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Mon 13 Apr 2020
at 22:44
IC: Overwatch RP
I would recommend Mutants and Masterminds, as Overwatch is, at its core, about superheroes.
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Tue 14 Apr 2020
at 04:13
IC: Overwatch RP
A homebrew PbtA might fit for mechanics but there'd be a lot of work involved in adapting it.
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Wed 20 May 2020
at 15:58
IC: Overwatch RP
Sounds like a fun time, and I can say that M&M would work perfectly for a superhero styled game, just make sure to keep in mind what skills and schticks people play. since it's so free form that it's easy to design encounters and accidentally render someone useless. That being said I'd love to get in on this game.