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Sat 17 Oct 2020
at 20:22
what is thr easyest??
Looking to find tye easeat game to learn and run

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Sun 18 Oct 2020
at 06:28
what is thr easyest??
If you're looking for an easy fantasy game look at fantasy age.

If you're looking for a rules lite game with little to learn then have a look at the Tiny d6 range such as tiny dungeon, tiny supers or tiny frontiers
Sir Swindle
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Sun 18 Oct 2020
at 18:57
what is thr easyest??
Dungeon world and all the Powered by the Apocalypse he's are real easy.
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Sun 18 Oct 2020
at 22:13
what is thr easyest??
I have found the basic Cypher System games to be fairly easy and very flexible.
Rogue Leader
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Wed 11 Nov 2020
at 17:15
what is thr easyest??
Fate is a very simple system as well.
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Wed 11 Nov 2020
at 18:20
what is thr easyest??
Wow. this is a question I haven't given much though too because I've been playing around 40 years. RPG's that is, I got into what I consider serious war gaming (no Parker Brothers, Hasbro, MB) a couple years earlier.

I'd say don't be afraid. Find a game that sounds like fun and dive in. Good players will help you learn and teach you. If they don't find better people to play with.
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Wed 11 Nov 2020
at 18:30
Re: what is thr easyest??
Rogue Leader:
Fate is a very simple system as well.

Disagree. Perhaps early exposure to traditional RPGs poisoned my brain but I find things like compels and so on confusing, not conceptually, but in practice. Again, it may have to do with the difficulty of grasping a new approach.
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Wed 11 Nov 2020
at 19:13
Re: what is thr easyest??
I think Call of Cthulhu is very easy. Also a very well supported line with easily available Quick Start rules and introductory adventures.

Part of what makes a game easy to learn and run is getting to just learn and run the system without having also to make up your own campaign content as you go (especially if you're new).
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Thu 12 Nov 2020
at 03:24
Re: what is thr easyest??
Generally it varies, not every system is for everyone.

The key though is to start small. Start with the core rules of whatever you like. Then as you become more comfortable add additional books etc.
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Thu 12 Nov 2020
at 13:54
Re: what is thr easyest??
A lot of games that use the Powered by the Apocalypse [PbtA] engine are pretty easy to pick up.

Grab a playbook, create a character by making a selection or two.

Most games have 4 or 5 basic moves that everyone can do and then each individual playbook usually adds something thematic and unique.

The basic moves could be explained on a single sheet of paper.

The dice mechanic PbtA relies on is 2d6+attribute, and there are only three results [-6, 7-9, and 10+]

With this post and the info contained in plain english on a character's playbook ... your players would be ready to begin.

It should be said though that not all PbtA games are created equal.  Some are very good for beginners and some of them decided to add more complicated mechanics [the complicated games might in and of themselves be fine, but they might not be a good place to start].