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Mon 2 Nov 2020
at 18:27
IC: High level 5e, but you have to pay back to the community
I've just returned from a hiatus in RPol. And let me tell you I learned the hard way that there is just too much demand related to offer in 5e games. I had too many applications for the one game I'm still setting up, and that only in a couple hours. At the same time, getting into a new game is now a competition that leaves more players without a game than players with a game.

I think I could run a game, but that would only help a few players -way less than what I had to turn away in my previous game-, I would be swarmed with requests to join, and I don't want to have to say no to that many people again. On top of that, it still doesn't solve the problem of myself finding a game to play in. I thought of organizing an exchange, but that would only help myself and not the community at large.

So... this is my offer. I'll start a new game, high level (10), anything from Xanathar's, UA that hasn't been superseded by an official release not named Loremaster,  and even homebrew third party on a case by case basis. I'd be taking 5 players. The idea is to have a semi-epic experience, with strong magic, strong magic items and fighting strong monsters.

However, in order to submit an RTJ, players should start a 5e game taking at least 3 players, with their long term permanence in the game (or they remaining in the waitlist) tied to these games persisting (or starting a new game if things don't work out). These games would be listed in the game for ease of finding.

This is a win-win for mostly everybody. I have to turn away less players, and players that do get turned away now have at least five more games to try to get in.

I don't know if anybody is on board with this idea.
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Mon 2 Nov 2020
at 18:40
IC: High level 5e, but you have to pay back to the community
Mutually Assured GMing Destruction?
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Mon 2 Nov 2020
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IC: High level 5e, but you have to pay back to the community
It's a great idea and a nice sentiment.

A few catches:

-This doesn't account for the very REAL issue of people starting games with all intention of continuing them but life getting in the way

-Some people will complain about not having enough time to both commit to playing in and DMing a 5e game

But the the hiccups will settle, and there will be more games. It's better for the project to be imperfect at the start than to not try at all. I'll consider joining in.
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Mon 2 Nov 2020
at 21:33
IC: High level 5e, but you have to pay back to the community
I've seen something like that before in a movie.  :)
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Thu 5 Nov 2020
at 00:45
IC: High level 5e, but you have to pay back to the community
I'd be interested in doing this. A couple points:

- I just started a 5e game yesterday! And you're right I was inundated with RTJs and it's a shame the majority won't be playing in the game. (Hopefully it works out that I actually started the game before you posted this.)

- I have not played at higher level in 5e (been in some games up to 3rd level as I'm relatively new to the system), but would like to try.

Please reply here or send me an rMail with more if that works for you.

And the game I'm starting is Ghosts of Saltmarsh.