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Thu 12 Nov 2020
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A Possible Story Set In Exandria? DND 5e
As the title states, an adventure set in Exandria using 5th Ed. The main premise would revolve around The Five Blades of Ochir Naal. Each a magical dagger, one for each chromatic dragon, forged by the Ancient Sorcerer Priest. I will not go into much about these now, but finding them and discovering their uses and powers will be the focus of the campaign. It will not be easy as each of the daggers was hidden throughout Exandria. That and the PCs will not be the only ones seeking them.

The PCs would start at 3rd level to give them plenty of room to grow and allow them some ability to travel. So what I would like to see if there would be any interest in such a campaign and get some input on how and where to start.

For example, would players like to start out in Tal'Dorie, Wildermount, or split between the two? I could see everyone starting on the same continent or starting on each, as I do not want to limit a player's creativity or race/ background choices. This should be a very long campaign. I want the payers to enjoy their characters to enjoy the campaign itself better. I will be limiting the game to 6-8 PCs. My son may also be a Co-GM as there will be many side adventures and the War between the Dwendalian Empire and Kryn Dynasty as a backdrop.

Feel free to chime in with any suggestions and questions. Thanks for your interest. :)

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