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Wed 25 Nov 2020
at 13:43
Question about threads

is there a standard set of threads to be used?
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Wed 25 Nov 2020
at 13:49
Question about threads
Can you rephrase?

You can create any number of threads in a game and make each one a group number from public to 0-9,A-Z

I usually only use group 1 threads and reserve threads like Group A for co-gm discussions.

Some threads are special:

public threads can be seen by anyone, even by people who haven't joined the game. They are best for rtj info and game rules and such. Noone but GMS can post to them.

group 0 are like public threads in that anyone can read them, but players can also post for them. A good choice for OOC socializing threads.

Groups 1-etc can only be seen and posted in by players that belong to the same group as the thread.

You can also make a thread a notice, which means it sticks to the top of the first page and doesn't move down when other threads are 'bumped'

I usually set up a game as:

public threads:  Game info, RTJ info, cast list, locations locator etc.
group 0: player notices, absences, OOC socializing
group 1: In game threads for player posts
group A: GM discussion threads.
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Wed 25 Nov 2020
at 14:47
Question about threads
I never saw there was public, hidden all the way down there. I always used group 0 for that.

Learn something new every day.
Sir Swindle
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Wed 25 Nov 2020
at 15:00
Question about threads
Ya, group 0 is public facing. Public is public facing and only GM's can post there.

So public is arguable what you should use for RTJ info and stuff you don't want players replying to. Not that I have ever had that issue.

But the honest reply to the OP is "No". There is no standard anything once you get into how individual GM's run their games.
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Wed 25 Nov 2020
at 21:20
Question about threads
There's no standard, as in something that is enforced, but these are pretty common.  I consider it a sign of a well-run game that they have these already set up before they have opened it up to applicants.

RTJ thread (notice):  Here's where you tell people who might want to apply to the game what you're expecting.  Things like, "PCs all start at 2nd level.  They are limited to materials from these source books.  Every PC should have some interesting flaw."
Special Rules thread (notice):  If you have any homebrew rules or just special qualifications on the rules, they go here.
World and Background thread (notice):  Enough information that someone creating a character will know where in your world to build his background.
Out-of-Character (OOC) thread (typically not a notice):  A place for out of character discussions.