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Tue 1 Dec 2020
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Advice: A Grand Adventure
I've recently started going over the 6th Edition of HERO System, known about it for some time. Has a surprising amount of crunch to it, like I would put it one step below GURPS4 but above M&M3E. Seems like it's very capable of doing just about anything as it claims. I'm looking for people with experience with the system as I contemplate what may come to be. For my self-titled namesake, it certainly has some mechanics I like over the previous two I mentioned and are far easier to implement. That being said, there's a lot to the system once you start digging. Fair simple with its rolls and uses the 3d6 bell curve with a roll under, making every lil bit count.

The setting I'm looking at is One Piece. I saw a great write up of Luffy right after getting his first bounty that gave me that belief that this may be that system. Also, I really excellent one of Goku. Just been running ideas through it. Zoans are really easy to do with Mulitform. Paramecia coves the widest gamut making them the hardest to stat but I feel because it is an effect based, any of them can be made. Logaia would give Desolidification with the right combination of Adders, Advantages and Limitations based on the element. Then, I love what can be done with the system for anybody that doesn't eat a devil fruit. Was looking through the Martial Arts book and that is a gold mine. The next big thing being Haki, I was thinking of giving that its own pool beyond Endurance to draw from. Mainly cause you can run out of it and seems to be drawn from a different source. I enjoy that Haoshoku is already built-in with Presence Attacks. That was also one of the big things that caught my eye but Endurance is kinda a catch-all though. So, maybe not. Anyway, Kenbenshoku is easily done with Enhanced Sense. Busoshoku would be a combination of HTH damage or Blast linked to Damage Negation/Reduction, depending on their level of mastery. You can even make it so you are only using it on certain limbs at a time. Then, I guess a Complication covers that Haki gets through Devil Fruit defenses.

I haven't even looked at the Equipment Guide yet but I'm sure the Gadgeteers and Cyborgs are well covered. Looking for advice from people that know the system, on what works, etc.
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Tue 1 Dec 2020
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Advice: A Grand Adventure

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Tue 1 Dec 2020
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Advice: A Grand Adventure
Hero System is an excellent rule-set for super-powered roleplaying, as it started out as the pure-superhero game Champions, and over time, it got supplements and expansions to cover most/all other genres. Although all of these rule-tweaks were originally a bit inconsistent, thanks to having been introduced piecemeal, the resulting glitches were largely fixed by the time 6th Edition rolled around.

Hero System should be able to handle One Piece just fine.