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Sun 13 Dec 2020
at 02:27
IC: Exalted-lite
I have a real hankering to play Exalted, but sadly this game does not translate well into a Play by post format (it can take a week to do a round of combat if everything moves along quickly).

Instead, there is a perfect 'hack' for the game found for the game Wushu by Dan Bayn. I've run the system before and it led to some tremendous games here on RPOL. You'd never have been able to run them in Exalted (a three way battle between PCs, the Immaculate Monks and a murder-spirit and his proxy).

Exalted has changed, though, and the settings exalts have changed too.  So, here's my pitch:

Arjuf, the port city on the south shores of the Blessed Isle - it's not the city you hear about in poems: not the bright city on the tall hill. It is a city where the free thinkers are repressed, the honest ae murdered. It is a city of growing repression and tyranny. And it is a city on the edge of chaos.

The Characters will be magistrates, or archons of a magistrate, set the task of investigating any wrongdoing they come across and bringing the absent Empress' judgement to bear. Dragonblooded and Exigents and heroic mortals would be the only 'splats' allowed but we'd set them up following the fluff of Exalted 3rd Edition. The game would focus on investigation, espionage, storytelling and, of course, AWESOME WUXIA KUNG-FU MADNESS! I would be a bit like a Fantasy Noir meeting Jackie Chan...

What do people thing? Would anyone play this?
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Sun 13 Dec 2020
at 17:26
IC: Exalted-lite
I personally think that the original system translates well into play-by-post assuming you as ST keep track of initiative. That's how I've ran it for years now and we've had really large-scope main villain battles to great success.
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Mon 14 Dec 2020
at 00:43
IC: Exalted-lite
Might be interested. I love the 'world' of Exalted, but really don't like the million-pages-of-crunchy the rules become. So yeah. Might be interested.
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Wed 16 Dec 2020
at 06:03
IC: Exalted-lite
I'm in.  Havent read much 3e lore, but I'd think an Exigent would be fun to play in Scroll of.the Fist depending on how theyre.adapted
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Thu 17 Dec 2020
at 23:30
IC: Exalted-lite
I've made the game, updating stuff to post there in regards to setting.

link to another game