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Sun 13 Dec 2020
at 07:39
IC: Dark Sun D&D4E...
“I live in a world of fire and sand. The crimson sun scorches the life from anything that crawls or flies, and storms of sand scour the foliage from the barren ground. This is a land of blood and dust, where tribes of feral elves sweep out of the salt plains to plunder lonely caravans, mysterious singing winds call travelers to slow suffocation in the Sea of Silt, and selfish kings squander their subjects’ lives building gaudy palaces and garish tombs. This bleak wasteland is Athas, and it is my home.” —The Wanderer’s Journal

Beneath a crimson sun lie wastelands of majestic desolation and cities of cruel splendor, where sandal-clad heroes battle ancient sorcery and terrible monsters. This is Athas, the world of the DARK SUN campaign setting, a dying planet of savagery and desolation. Life hangs by a thread in this barren land, and now it is up to you to write your own story in blood and glory.

I'm considering running a Dark Sun game using 4th Edition D&D. Feeling a bit nostalgic for the older edition. Dark Sun is one of my favorite settings. And they seem to be made for each other.

I would start with some test combats and skill challenges to clear off any rust of using the older system as well as trying some house rules for combat. Though nothing too drastic, I think. Then we'd go from there.

Would there be any interest in this?

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Sun 13 Dec 2020
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IC: Dark Sun D&D4E...
In reply to liblarva (msg # 1):

I'm very interested in this and I'm current on 4th Edition rules.
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Sun 13 Dec 2020
at 09:16
IC: Dark Sun D&D4E...
Same, I love Dark Sun's setting and know and have the 4e materials for it.
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Sun 13 Dec 2020
at 12:40
IC: Dark Sun D&D4E...
I am always interested in Dark Sun, it is one of the best settings and wildly under used.
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Sun 13 Dec 2020
at 15:52
IC: Dark Sun D&D4E...
This interest check was music to my ears. Would love to play!
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Sun 13 Dec 2020
at 17:50
IC: Dark Sun D&D4E...
Oh man, I haven't played 4E in years but I love Dark Sun. It's one of my favorite settings, right up there with Al-Qadim actually, heh.
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Mon 14 Dec 2020
at 06:57
IC: Dark Sun D&D4E...
All right. Let's give this a shot.

Come on in, the arena's open.

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