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Wed 27 Jan 2021
at 11:44
Interest Check: Traveller!
Hey there, RPOLists!

I am jonesing to run something since recovering from COVID, and Traveller is one game I have not run in a long time. I have several ideas for potential campaigns, some set near or beyond the Imperial frontier and others near the very heart of the Imperium. Some use published adventures and established canon, others are more sandboxy and mostly original. Some are ordinary Traveller fare, others are downright epic. I am comfortable exploring most eras, although Milieu 0, Milieu 1648, and the Galaxiad interest me more than the Golden Age. I intend to use the second Mongoose edition, rules-wise, with possible tweaks from MegaTraveller and Traveller5. Which of the above (admittedly vague) options interest you? Any combination of those options appeal more? Oh, and to (hopefully) clarify, here's a handy a-la-carte menu of options. Can mix and match those to produce most of the published campaigns.

Long Night
Golden Age
Mix It Up
Far Future

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Wed 27 Jan 2021
at 11:56
Interest Check: Traveller!
Hey there Alyse.

I for one would be very interested in your game.

Although I would be happy enough just to play Traveller, I will throw out interest in a Criminal themed game set in the Frontier using Published sources.

All too often I have seen the same half dozen or so character types. The 40 year old Marine Officer, the 40 year old Naval Officer, Scout, Pilot, etc. And some come with such generous resources that you wonder why they even work at all.

A look into the poorer, dirtier, more desperate elements of Traveller would be a lot of fun I think.

I know Piracy has always been something of a hot button topic, but starting as Crew members under an NPC Captain with a colorful cast of shipmates sounds just about ideal to me. With the option of maybe branching out down the line as independents or subordinates with a captured or salvaged vessel.

Anyway it goes, it sounds fun.
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Wed 27 Jan 2021
at 12:26
Re: Interest Check: Traveller!
...a Criminal themed game set in the Frontier using Published sources.

Sounds like Pirates Of Drinax or something involving drifters, bounty hunters, or Vargr corsairs.