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Sat 20 Feb 2021
at 20:13
IC: Cthulhu Dark
Just in case the start to 2021 wasn't depressing enough I was wondering if there is enough interest to run a Cthulhu Dark game?

For those not familiar with it it's an extremely rules light game of Lovecraftian horror. Rather than set out scenarios which the players are expected to 'win' as might be the case in Call (or Trail) of Cthulhu it captures the spirit of Lovecraft's stories (sans the appalling racism it has to be said) in that usually even a 'success' in a Cthulhu Dark game leaves the investigators horribly insane or contemplating the fact that they can't really ever fight the horrors arrayed against them. As the rulebook specially says “Cthulhu Dark is a game about doomed Investigators. So don’t play to win. Instead, enjoy losing. Enjoy watching your Investigator’s mind slowly break.”

So, yeah, this isn't your cuddly Cthulhu game! If anything Lovecraftian could ever be described as 'cuddly'...

Given the basic game mechanics fit comfortably on two sides of A4 I would be more than happy to take on players entirely unfamiliar with the system as it won't take much to teach. I'm really just looking for players willing to get into the spirit of a game you play to see just what it takes to break your character.

I'm currently thinking of adapting a modern day CoC module which I think will work well but I'm pretty flexible on setting so happy to discuss with players.
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Sat 20 Feb 2021
at 20:18
IC: Cthulhu Dark
I'd be interested.
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Sat 20 Feb 2021
at 21:22
IC: Cthulhu Dark
I would be interested as well.
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Sat 20 Feb 2021
at 21:44
IC: Cthulhu Dark
You've got my interest.
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Mon 22 Feb 2021
at 17:56
IC: Cthulhu Dark
I've never played, but always been interested, so I'd be in.
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 Wookiee Scout
Tue 23 Feb 2021
at 02:41
IC: Cthulhu Dark
I would be interested in joining in on this type of game.
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Wed 24 Feb 2021
at 22:30
IC: Cthulhu Dark
Fantastic! That’s plenty of prospective players. I’ll set up a game and confirm on here when it’s ready (likely the end of the week).
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Thu 25 Feb 2021
at 18:37
IC: Cthulhu Dark
By default, Cthulhu Dark is not about the PCs defeating any opponents, it's about the PCs going insane while uncovering unspeakable truths. At least, that's the stated intent of the authors.

And I like it that way. Do you intend to do game like this? Or is it going to be a little lighter?

I'm interested anyway, I just don't want to get something else compared to what I expect.
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Thu 25 Feb 2021
at 20:57
IC: Cthulhu Dark
A Cthulhu game that isn't cuddly?  Sounds great! lol
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Thu 25 Feb 2021
at 21:05
IC: Cthulhu Dark
Definitely intend to run it as intended and pull no punches. Characters will end up dead, mad or scarred for what remains of their lives and that's a guarantee!

I've set up the game here: link to another game