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Thu 18 Mar 2021
at 02:20
IC: Risus based non-canon Star Wars
This might be a bit niche, but I'm looking to use a modified version of Star Wars Risus to run a decidedly non-canon version of Star Wars exploring the early days of the Empire.

Important points:

1) Definitely using a modified form of Risus, based off the Star Wars Risus variant but counting successes instead of dice totals, with a few other modifications.

2) The crew should be basically good.  Think good-hearted scoundrels, not black-hearted mercenaries.

3) The crew will start without a ship, but acquire one at some point early on.

4) No actual Jedi PCs, but Force sensitive characters are possible

5) Play starts weeks after the formation of the Empire

Is this something that anyone would be interested in playing?  No experience with Risus would be needed, it's a simple system to pick up and all rules will be provided.

If you're really into Star Wars lore and would get annoyed if anything is out of place, this isn't the game for you.  I'll move planets and NPCs around as needed for the game, and the PCs will be affecting events of the times.
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Thu 18 Mar 2021
at 02:48
IC: Risus based non-canon Star Wars
Id be interested!
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Thu 18 Mar 2021
at 08:00
IC: Risus based non-canon Star Wars
Will this be this serious risus, or can I bring my hairdressing tools along?
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Thu 18 Mar 2021
at 15:42
IC: Risus based non-canon Star Wars
I'd expect the tone to be typical Star Wars, so basically adventure with a dose of comedy, but not farce.  So no hairdressers taking out Jedi in single combat. That said, I'm happy for non-typical characters to try to make their way by being inventive with their skills.
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Sat 20 Mar 2021
at 16:22
IC: Risus based non-canon Star Wars
Just stumbled across this...

I'd be interested. Ive never heard of Risus but if its simple & youre willing to let players learn as they go, id like to try it out.

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Sat 20 Mar 2021
at 19:50
IC: Risus based non-canon Star Wars
I've created the game and will post it in Players Wanted to try to fill out the crew: link to another game