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Wed 31 Mar 2021
at 21:18
IC: empire building
What's the general interest in empire building games in the Civilization concept?
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Wed 31 Mar 2021
at 21:21
IC: empire building
Something I'd be very interested in, and been wanting a while.
Jewwk of Shuu
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Wed 31 Mar 2021
at 22:22
IC: empire building
I enjoy the Civ series quite a lot.

What are some potential benefits you see running through pbp vs. actually just playing Civ?

Curious, for sure.

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Wed 31 Mar 2021
at 22:32
IC: empire building
Would this be a freeform game or use some system?
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Wed 31 Mar 2021
at 22:50
IC: empire building
Always keeping my eye out for games like this.
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Wed 31 Mar 2021
at 22:55
IC: empire building
In reply to Jewwk of Shuu (msg # 3):

The number one benefit is that diplomacy with other players is real instead of scripted with an AI and limited options.

The number two benefit is I get to customize it off my own world.
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Thu 1 Apr 2021
at 00:21
IC: empire building
What sort of setting? Would you go from Cro-Magnon to mutated humans centuries in the future or keep the same sort of setting? Got to admit, I tried to find a system that worked with D&D to help enhance the fun when they reach higher level so yeah, call me interested.
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Thu 1 Apr 2021
at 01:37
IC: empire building
I am tinkering with something.  Not a straight copy of Civilization, just lifting some ideas from it.

Also from Pax Brittanica.  Civilization is too big, broad and complicated to make a PbP copy of.  It would take a year to write the rules.

So, this would be a fantasy campaign and involve settling and developing a single continent.  Taking a cue from Game of Thrones there would be common threats as well as player rivalry.  Much narrower slice of time.

There would be military units, and also individual champions who could be sent around to do this and that.
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Thu 1 Apr 2021
at 02:43
IC: empire building
I'm listening.
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Thu 1 Apr 2021
at 02:49
IC: empire building
Might I suggest the Dawn Of Worlds game system, it's free online in pdf, never was sold I don't believe. It would be relatively easy to turn into a civ-styled game in a fantasy world. If you wanted to take a look.
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Thu 1 Apr 2021
at 08:45
IC: empire building
Colour me interested too.
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Thu 15 Apr 2021
at 18:50
IC: empire building
It's under construction, I will let everyone know when its ready.
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Tue 27 Apr 2021
at 18:44
IC: empire building
At last this thing is ready to launch

link to another game