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Sun 18 Apr 2021
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Valkyrie Profile as a DnD 5e Game?
Hello all,

I have been kicking around the below idea. I don't want to recreate the video game but I would like to use the rich roleplaying potential which was included in the backdrop of the Valkyrie Profile storyline. I am not sure however how to overcomes some major problems.

The Valkyrie is a central figure (which could be a DM player character but that is such a red flag...). To sweeten the Valkyrie being the DM pc I could have it be the healer for the group so that it would prevent the need of a PC fulfilling that role but it still seems sketchy.

Would love to hear some options.


Einherjar: Are the player characters of Midgard. They were offered a place in Odin's army after death and so are not exactly mortal. Einherjar were the cream of the crop before their deaths and so we will use the below array to reflect their perfected spiritual forms:

20, 18, 17, 15, 15 & 13

Your warrior will be 6th level however possess so many more skills than what a second tier character is capable of.
  • Your character is dead (but can die again). Dying returns your character to the Valkyrie's talisman. You may be revived by a large expenditure of the Valkyrie's power or by finding a talisman of your character from their living days.

  • Once per long rest Einherjar may earn all the advantages of a short rest, but take only ten minutes of rest/recuperation instead of an hour.

  • Once per long rest Einherjar may perform a very special attack. Some call this attack a Divine Assault, and say that these attacks purifies the souls of mortals and allow them to renter the cycle cleansed of corruption. Whatever you name your attack it will follow the damage structure listed below:

    Divine Assault (Soul Crush)
    You can cause more damage to your enemy. When dealing damage to an opponent, you can use your reaction to expend an about of hit die that you choose. These hit die increase the damage you deal by an amount equal to five times the number of hit die.

    1 Hit Die= 5 additional points of damage
    2 Hit Die= 10 additional points of damage
    3 Hit Die= 15 additional points of damage etc.

  • Although powerful, your soul was never transmigrated to Valhalla so you do not possess all the powers of the Einherjar but time spent alongside the Valkyrie does seem to fortify your soul.

Level: 6th
  • Personality Trait:
  • Personality Trait:
  • Ideal:
  • Bond:
  • Flaw:

Einherjar are recruited through Spiritual Concentration through intense concentration the Valkyrie is able to sense the noteworthy souls of the valorous right before their deaths. What event led to your death? Why are you worthy to fight along side the gods at Ragnarok? How did you attract the attention of the Valkyrie?

Please make it epic.
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Tue 20 Apr 2021
at 20:05
Valkyrie Profile as a DnD 5e Game?
It looks appealing, but I'm leery about the system. The source material looks awesome!  I would not be interested if the hardline is D&D though.
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Thu 22 Apr 2021
at 02:53
Valkyrie Profile as a DnD 5e Game?
Always Valkyrie Profile and I'm not gonna lie Lenneth as a GMPC is the best of a bunch of bad options. The other way I could see it going is the PCs are all Valkyries and they go around recruiting ala Lenneth. And no could be Lenneth as she is special. But you would get to create your own unique version. Still could be the healer of the group. But the pics would have a bunch more work in theory. Again the only other option I could see working.

  If you get it off the ground let me know. Old hand at RPGs, but total newbie to 5E
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Thu 22 Apr 2021
at 04:55
Valkyrie Profile as a DnD 5e Game?
As the others have said, I like Valkyrie Profile but not D&D 5E :) I might look into it if you do stick with that system.

As for Lenneth, maybe in this version she could be more like an mobile deployment platform than an actual PC? Like all she does is fly around and send in her Einherjar team to handle the actual adventuring and recruiting. Making her a GMPC or a PC both seem problematic otherwise.
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Fri 30 Apr 2021
at 19:11
Valkyrie Profile as a DnD 5e Game?
In reply to V_V (msg # 2):

So sorry to hear that V_V

link to a message in another game

The link if anyone is interested. I will go the ill advised route of the Valkyrie being the Heal bot GMPC mobile platform, hopefully we can gander enough trust between players and GM that this works in spite of how bad of an idea it is.


What other systems would this concept work well with, just curious...

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