Unknown Blitz
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Sun 25 Apr 2021
at 04:04
Index Card RPG

Wondering if there is any interest in an ICRPG game. I was considering a fusion of Warp Shell and Starfinder but set in ‘Toril Space’ with the Forgotten Realms being the genesis of the setting. Not seen anyone playing ICRPG on here so it might be a long shot, but figured I’d ask.
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Sun 25 Apr 2021
at 05:37
Index Card RPG
What is an Index Card RPG? Forgive my ignorance!
Jewwk of Shuu
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Sun 25 Apr 2021
at 12:27
Index Card RPG

First I've heard of it as well, but I know there are at least a few other fellow "rules-lite" fans on-site.

I'd perhaps be interested, to try out the rules; however, my current time availability sadly dictates otherwise.

Good luck and happy gaming! :)

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Tue 27 Apr 2021
at 05:14
Index Card RPG
Couple ICRPG with the Crifoth setting by the same author, and I think you'd have a great game for PbP. I've fiddled with the system a little, it's really well done and easy to improvise. Interested.