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Wed 5 May 2021
at 07:42
(IC) Star Frontiers Open World MMORPG
I have two ideas for a Star Frontiers MMORPG, I think the current terminology for an Open World is 'sandbox'?  The first idea is an alien invasion of a Star Frontiers world, the second idea is a crashed Colony Ship full of colonists in suspended animation.

I want to create an environment for players of different activity levels, so it does not matter if you only post occasionally or if you want to post every day.  Players can be grouped into stories that will suit their pace of play.

At this stage I am very much leaning toward the "Alien Invasion" type scenario as I think it will give a much greater scope for different adventures.

So before I put too much effort into developing the concept further I thought I better find out how much interest there is for a large scale Star Frontiers game here?
Risky Kisses
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 Tired of being an Adult..
Wed 26 May 2021
at 23:21
(IC) Star Frontiers Open World MMORPG
I'd love to play something in the Star Frontiers system, though it looks like there isn't any other interest... sadly.

My dad Gmd games for us kids using SF, was a blast!
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Wed 26 May 2021
at 23:47
(IC) Star Frontiers Open World MMORPG
In reply to Risky Kisses (msg # 2):

Actually I started a game with a number of players even though nobody replied directly to this post. Invasion of Gran Quivera is an open world and the aliens have just landed!