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Sun 9 May 2021
at 01:42
I.C. Marvel RPG Game Design Forum
Looking for serious participants in working on an RPG system for the Marvel Universe. The focus will be on using a FGG like approach to the game.

There will also be threads for those looking for alternatives versions and such. Maybe someone wants to tweak the TSR Marvel from 1980's. Anyway that is what got me into RPGs I played Marvel Super Heroes before D&D so Supers always has a special spot in my gamer heart.

I would also be very interested in reverting a bit back to Warhammer 3rd Edition by FFG for reasons to be made more clear in game.

Also just a community of gamers who want to chat about all things Marvel.

Checking to see if there is enough interest to start a proper forum.
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Mon 10 May 2021
at 23:42
I.C. Marvel RPG Game Design Forum
I'm always down for Marvel and especially MSH tsr.