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Thu 10 Jun 2021
at 18:44
World Building Game
Hey Hey Hey!

Back back back in the day I followed a game that was pretty unique. Each player embodied a "god" with a "focus." War, agriculture, the sea, love, etc. It was freeform and turn-based, with each god taking a turn to "create" something in this blank canvas of a world, and each creation built the world out more and more. It was a really interesting concept and I think about it a lot. I don't remember all the details on how it actually ran, but I know it was fun. I'd be interested in running this if I had a group of collaborators to work with, as this format didn't really have a "GM" per se as it was really a group project, which made it really fun.
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Fri 18 Jun 2021
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World Building Game
In reply to Dgiannantonio (msg # 1):

Sounds like fun. Reminds me a bit of the narrative at the start of the Silmarillion when the Valar filled the world with flora, fauna, substances and even to some extent various planes of the world, and their own favored things, and kind of competed with one another (e.g. Yavanna creating the Ents in opposition to Aule's Dwarves who sought to fell trees of the world).

I'll be even more on board if the there is more competition and even opposition between each God (imagine Melkor or Morgoth from the Silmarillion, but many more of them, using their creations of fight with one another) who try to enact their will through the world indirectly through mortals after the initial phase of world creation.

I am more of a fan of designing stuff under constraints as the resultant creations will be quite delightful to witness. If the powers of the "gods" are somehow limited in some fashion (like Chinese or Norse Gods who can be killed, imprisoned, have their immortality lost, powers usurped etc), I will gladly seek to join in on this endeavor hopefully at a 1 day 1 post rate.

I am more than happy to brainstorm some ideas alongside this group as well. Looking forward to more information on this.
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Mon 28 Jun 2021
at 18:42
World Building Game
I assume you are talking about "Dawn of Worlds"?
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Mon 28 Jun 2021
at 18:55
Re: World Building Game
I assume you are talking about "Dawn of Worlds"?

I don't think so. My understanding is that Dawn of Worlds is a system, but the game in question is freeform.