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Sat 12 Jun 2021
at 20:31
IC: The Sprawl (PbtA)
After stumbling across the Powered by the Apocolypse ruleset (or rulesets I suppose) a couple of years ago and loving them I have been greedily working my way through as many of the different games as possible.

I've recently read The Sprawl and think it's a brilliant take on the cyberpunk genre so wanted to see if there's enough interest for me to start a game and see how it plays. Thinking I would approach it as a one-shot mission to start with but if it goes well and everyone is having fun nothing stops us spinning it out either with the same or new characters.

Beginners (either to The Sprawl or to PbtA more generally) would be more than welcome. I've never run a Sprawl game before but have a number of other PbtA games under my belt so sure it will all go smoothly!
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Sun 13 Jun 2021
at 23:32
IC: The Sprawl (PbtA)
Sure, sounds fun.
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Thu 17 Jun 2021
at 03:12
IC: The Sprawl (PbtA)
Been trying to play this for years, though I don't know other than color what the difference is between the books I've seen on Drivethru. I even considered an alternate actual Cyberpunk story for a while because I couldn't get any GMs to bite. I wrote a Cyberpunk Red character because I couldn't get any GMs to run The Sprawl. I can't express to you how super down I am to be in this game. The only thing that will kill it for me is if it isn't at least mature rating due to the fact that I have a bit less of a filter than your average bear. I'm not talking squick, although that doesn't bother me. I'm talking just like sometimes I have to go back and edit posts in public threads 'cause I almost said something George Carlin would.